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Custom Digital Signage Software

Industry: Hospitality
Country: Poland
Scope of work: Web development, Hardware and Software integration
Technology stack: .NET, React


Digital Signage Solution for Seamless Communication

For businesses that aim to provide a seamless experience for their customers, effective communication is key. This is where Custom Digital Signage Software (DSS) comes into play. 

Custom digital signage design software adapts to the unique needs of your business. This flexibility is ideal whether you manage a cinema chain, a university, a hospital, or a conference center. The benefits are manifold, from improved recognition of your company to the ability to provide useful guidelines at a glance. You also gain the flexibility to adapt to seasonal promotions or special events. 

When a high-profile construction company approached Right Information to develop a smart digital signage system, the stakes were high. The venue, a former spinning mill building, was being revitalized into a high-profile designer hotel complete with a restaurant, spa and fitness facilities, and a conference center.

Custom Digital Signage for hospitality

The need for a seamless, state-of-the-art solution to effectively display information and directions was paramount.


The Need for Custom Digital Signage Software

With a capacity to handle 1,500 guests, the 16-room conference center at the hotel presented a unique set of challenges. Designed as a bustling hub for multiple events, the venue required a digital communication system that was modern, well-designed, and easy for the hotel employees to manage. 

Adding to the complexity, the interior featured designer architecture, demanding that the digital devices seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic. Monitors had to be flush-mounted into the walls, eliminating any protrusions. Furthermore, there was a specific requirement for fanless devices to prevent dust circulation.

Digital Signage

The primary goal was clear: to develop a custom software system that could schedule and display presentations on various devices for pre-planned events. Right Information was responsible for providing an all-in-one solution, including all the hardware, software, and infrastructure. Thus, the project scope was extensive, covering the selection of appropriate display hardware and designing easy-to-install mounting solutions that would blend in with the venue’s architecture.

The requirements for the installation were extremely demanding and involved meticulous planning and execution. The software system had to offer centralized control, enabling the management of all devices, including turning them on and off, from a single location. The solution needed to present straightforward, easily digestible information to visitors and hotel guests. At the same time, it had to make management and maintenance effortless for the hotel staff.


Right Information took a holistic approach to address all these challenges. Within a scoping session, we proposed an end-to-end project to design system architecture, software, user interface, displaying devices, integration, and construction of all devices. Given these points, let’s delve into the key components that made this project successful.

Server-Client Architecture

The core of the solution was a server-client architecture featuring an independent Linux-based operating system on each device. Notably, this architecture ensured robust performance. It also allowed for centralized management through a web application installed on an internal server. The Linux-based system on the client’s site added an extra layer of security, stability, and performance, making it a reliable choice for a venue that hosts high-profile events.

Intuitive Web Application

We built a web application designed to be intuitive and versatile. Importantly, it serves as the control center for the entire digital signage system, offering a range of capabilities that go beyond essential device management.

To illustrate, here are the key capabilities that our easy-to-use web app can handle:

  • Device management. The software is designed to adapt to various screen resolutions, ensuring that content is always displayed at its best quality, regardless of the device’s screen size. Additionally, the system allows for centralized control to switch individual devices on or off. In the event of a power outage, the app is capable of restoring all devices to their previous settings once power is restored.

  • Event logistics. The application enables each device to display tailored information, such as event agendas and route guidelines. In a conference center with 16 rooms, this ensures guests know exactly where to go and what’s happening. Thanks to our solution, hotel staff are freed from being inundated with questions and can focus on other aspects of the guest experience instead.

  • Content editing and management. Our software comes with a built-in content editor featuring pre-defined, branded templates for easy customization. This makes the software an effective platform for displaying a wide array of content. Users can effortlessly add various types of content to these templates, from photos and text to PPT/PDF presentations and videos. Additionally, the application supports real-time data feeds displayed in widgets, such as currency rates, stock listings, and weather updates.

  • Content scheduling. The system enables independent scheduling for each device. This allows for a more personalized guest experience. Scheduling is particularly useful for venues that host multiple events simultaneously, like our client’s hotel. 

  • Remote device monitoring. The application provides real-time notifications specifically for hardware monitoring, such as temperature alerts. This feature enables hotel staff to proactively identify and resolve issues with individual devices, minimizing the risk of operational downtime.

Custom Digital Signage Software Implementation and Installation

The project’s final phase involved software and hardware implementation and physical installation of the digital signage system at the venue. Right Information managed the entire process, ensuring seamless integration with the hotel’s internal network. 

We designed and outsourced custom-made, easy-to-install mounting kits, which included metal frames, covers, and glass shields. All parts were meticulously crafted to align with the venue’s designer aesthetic. The devices were built into the walls, making them appear as an integral part of the interior rather than mere add-ons. 

The result was a turnkey smart signs system that was ready for immediate use and perfectly blended with the venue’s style.

Business Impact

The Outcome of Advanced Digital Signage Software

The impact of our hotel digital signage solution was nothing short of transformative. The system’s stability and maintenance-free operation have made it a reliable asset for the venue, meeting even the most stringent requirements. 

The software integrates the hotel with the conference center and serves as a key value-add for the venue. It enhances way-finding, displays crucial information and guidelines, and assists in managing the flow of people during events. This has allowed the hotel staff to focus more on customer service, elevating the overall guest experience. 

Its flexibility and ease of use allow for quick updates to displayed content, making it a dynamic tool for guest engagement. From seasonal promotions to special event days, administrators can easily update the content whenever they need to.

What sets our custom digital signage software apart is its seamless integration with the place’s aesthetic. The displays are more than just informative screens–they are integral elements of the interior that complement the venue’s character. Designed to be as visually impressive as the building itself, the digital displays add a layer of sophistication that guests can’t help but notice.

Overall, the custom digital signage software by Right Information has revolutionized the guest experience. It’s set a new standard for operational efficiency in venues hosting large events. Far from being just a basic solution, it’s a strategic business asset that enriches every interaction within the venue’s premises.

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