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Industry: Logistics
Country: Poland
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Overcoming Logistics Bottlenecks with Advanced Scheduling Software Solution

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, every second counts. Time lost is money lost, and inefficiencies can quickly spiral into significant operational setbacks. For companies still relying on manual processes or outdated systems, a lack of delivery scheduling software can lead to a host of challenges, from delivery delays to resource mismanagement. 

This is where the power of bespoke software development comes in. Custom-built software offers the flexibility to adapt to your unique challenges, ensuring you’re keeping pace with the industry and setting the standard.

Our client, a leading global car manufacturer, was grappling with inefficiencies in their logistics center. Responsible for coordinating spare parts from various factories, the center was a critical point in the supply chain. However, it lacked a dedicated system for scheduling deliveries, leading to bottlenecks that rippled across the entire operation.

Faced with these logistical problems, our client knew they needed more than just a software update. They were looking for a strategic partner capable of understanding their unique needs and developing a bespoke solution. With this purpose in mind, the brand reached out to Right Information. We committed to delivering a personalized, scalable solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing ERP system to create a unified, efficient logistics operation.


The Need for a Delivery Scheduling System in Logistics Ops Optimization

The client’s logistics center coordinates spare parts from various factories using their ERP system. However, despite the sophistication of their ERP system, they operated without a dedicated solution for managing deliveries. This lack of a specialized system led to bottlenecks that rippled across the entire operation. It affected everything from factory output to end-product delivery times.

Given that, the client’s logistics center was a hub of activity but lacked digital systems to manage them effectively. This led to a series of problems:

  • Inefficient queuing. Trucks arrived haphazardly, leading to long queues and delays in unloading.

  • Cost overruns. These delays translated into additional costs for the factories.

  • Resource mismanagement. Without a way to anticipate deliveries, the logistics center couldn’t allocate resources efficiently during peak times.

  • Paper-based claims. Any claims related to parcel damages were processed manually, making the procedure unclear and error-prone.

The client was in dire need of an easy-to-use, integrated solution. They undoubtedly needed a tool that could streamline the flow of information and bring the claims process into the digital age, all while optimizing delivery schedules for maximum efficiency.


Custom Scheduling System: A Game-Changer for Logistics Efficiency

We believe that understanding our client’s challenges is the first step in delivering a tailored product. That’s why Right Information kicked off the project with an in-depth feasibility study. Consequently, this allowed us to identify the issues and craft the perfect solution. Our answer was a comprehensive delivery of custom delivery scheduling software that addressed each challenge with precision.

In order to provide a holistic solution, we divided the software into functional modules and then focused on enhancing the user experience.

Functional modules of custom delivery scheduling software

In short, the software is structured into three core functional modules, each designed to tackle specific logistical challenges:

Calendar 📅

This module offers a real-time delivery calendar with current and upcoming delivery notifications. It also features specific ramp scheduling, ensuring each delivery has a designated unloading zone.

Deliveries 🚚

Serving as the system’s core, this module enables the definition and management of deliveries. It captures essential details like cargo specifications and estimated arrival times.

Administration 📃

This part of the software centralizes user management and allows the client to actively adjust access level rights. It also provides the flexibility to modify warehouse and ramp settings, adapting quickly to any changes in company conditions.

User Experience of scheduling system

Web systems with access control allow users to log in and find the most current information at their fingertips. This real-time access to data empowers employees to make informed decisions quickly, thus enhancing overall operational efficiency. 

The logistics center personnel can allocate staff for loading and unloading based on real-time data. This feature optimizes labor and minimizes idle time, contributing to a more efficient workflow.

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers can easily view and book available time slots. This transparency eliminates the guesswork and reduces the likelihood of scheduling conflicts, making the entire process more streamlined.

If plans change, rebooking is also straightforward. The system’s flexibility allows both the logistics center and 3PL companies to adapt to unforeseen circumstances without causing major disruptions.

Additionally, the software allows real-time reporting of complaints or damages, streamlining a previously ineffective process. This digital transformation of the claims process reduces errors and speeds up resolution times.

The shipping scheduling software was designed to easily integrate with other systems that the company is using, like an ERP tool. This seamless integration ensures that all systems work in harmony, creating a unified and efficient logistics operation.

Business Impact

The Impact of Delivery Scheduling App on Operational Success

Right Information’s custom-built Delivery Scheduling Software solved the client’s immediate problems. It made managing the logistics center easier by replacing manual tasks with automation. As a result, the client’s scheduling processes now meet their high standards.

At a glance, here’s how it made a difference:

  • Real-time collaboration. The software enabled seamless communication between all parties—the logistic center, factories, and 3PL service providers.

  • Operational efficiency. With up-to-date information at their fingertips, the logistics center could plan better, optimizing the use of space and resources.

  • Cost savings. 3PL providers saw a significant reduction in waiting times, directly translating into savings.

  • Transparency. The system brought clarity to claims and damages, making resolving issues easier and improving accountability.

At Right Information, we know that providing digital tools is not just about building software. It’s about providing solutions that drive business forward. And that’s what we did in this case and any other project we’ve delivered. 

Opting for custom-made software from Right Information includes seamless implementation as part of the package. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions that leave you to handle the challenges of implementation, we manage the entire process. You get a complete solution that exactly addresses your needs. Our end-to-end approach ensures that every process, solution, and team member is in sync with the new system.

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