Smart City Light

Intelligent Lighting Management Software 

Industry: Web of Things
Country: Switzerland
Scope of work: Software Development
Technology stack: Java 8, Java EE (JEE), Docker (docker swarm), Mysql, RabbitMq, Mqtt


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Right Information has embarked on a strategic collaboration with a Swiss innovator to further develop its smart lighting software system. This smart city management software is part of the range of digital solutions the company provides to cities and industries. It serves to bring harmony and security to public services.

The smart city solutions offered by our client play a crucial role in optimizing energy consumption and reducing pollution. Consequently, this elevates the quality of life within urban spaces. Moreover, the lighting management software project we got involved in significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the fleet of luminaires and streamlines the way they are controlled.

The versatility of these city control solutions is evident in their wide range of applications. They serve the needs of sprawling urban centers, quaint towns, and everything in between. Beyond public spaces, private companies, transport infrastructures, and sports facilities also benefit. They take advantage of the advanced capabilities of this smart lighting software system.

Aligned with Right Information’s vision, our client is dedicated to pioneering technologies and solutions. As the result, these innovations propel the evolution toward intelligent, interconnected urban and industrial ecosystems.


Accelerating the development of smart lighting software

The solution provider was looking for a partner to help speed up the development of their smart city lighting platform. They sought specialists with a deep understanding of the project domain who knew the chosen technology inside out. These experts needed to synergize software development with Internet of Things applications, all within the context of advanced lighting management systems.

After learning that we have the right skills in these areas, the client reached out to Right Information. Our reputation for managing complex projects was also a big plus. The main goal of this collaboration was to get the software development moving quickly, sticking to the plan and making sure everything was top quality.


Our Approach to Lighting Management Software Development

Right Information’s team of experts has been at the forefront of adapting remote management and monitoring software to meet the ever-evolving standards of Smart City technology.
Our focus has been on developing new features and improving existing functions. Additionally, we ensure that the system aligns with the latest Smart City protocols. Through meticulous testing and integration, we have maintained the system’s compatibility and functionality. This enables it to operate seamlessly within the broader Smart City ecosystem.

So, the smart lighting technology solution is comprised of two key software products:

Content Management System behind the Smart Lighting Software

A browser-accessible Content Management System (CMS) is tailored precisely for smart street lighting. This system features a responsive interface, ensuring seamless operation on devices of any size. It requires no special installations beyond a recommended browser. The CMS’s hosting is adaptable. It contains options for cloud environments that can be managed by the client’s team or by end-users.

The system’s architecture integrates the software with network gateways and devices, streamlining communication and control across the lighting network. This IoT-enabled integration is vital for the platform’s functionality, which includes:

Universal Lighting Integration

The CMS is engineered to be compatible with existing infrastructure. This allows for the retrofitting of current lamp posts with smart capabilities or the installation of modern luminaires with integrated controllers. This flexibility ensures that cities can upgrade to smart lighting at their own pace without the need for complete overhauls.

Dynamic and Volumetric Dimming

The system’s mesh network of sensors, which includes infrared units and Doppler radar technology, enables dynamic adjustment of lighting intensity. By responding in real-time to the presence of road users and varying traffic densities, this network enables energy savings of up to 80% while maintaining optimal illumination levels.

Customizable Dimming Schedules

Users can set daily profiles for different geographical areas, days of the week, and times of the year. This optimizes energy savings and adapts to urban needs.

Smart City Protocol Compliance

In adherence to the Smart City Protocol, defined by the TALQ Consortium, the system ensures seamless integration and interoperability within the Smart City ecosystem.

Energy Consumption Tracking

With the ability to check energy consumption and savings in a few clicks, the system supports sustainable development. Therefore, It significantly reduces the environmental footprint.

Fault Detection and Alerts

The system sends automatic alerts in the event of malfunctions, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly to minimize downtime.

Operational Efficiency

Remote management capabilities mean lighting engineers can reconfigure equipment from afar, respond to citizen complaints swiftly, and detect lighting malfunctions automatically, enhancing daily operations.

Enhanced Comfort and Safety

The system ensures safety by providing adequate illumination while also allowing for finer and more adaptive settings, which can improve the quality of lighting and overall user experience for both drivers and pedestrians.

This central hub, available in three languages, is crucial for configuring settings and managing alerts, ensuring that all connected devices operate at their peak in accordance with user-defined preferences.

Mobile Application

A mobile app is an essential tool in the installation and maintenance of the lighting infrastructure. This app includes features like barcode scanning for easy inventory of new light points and GPS geolocation for precise on-site services. 

The app’s latest update introduces a comprehensive inventory section detailing all equipment, from lighting controllers to traffic counters. Incidents are readily accessible on the mobile app’s interface, allowing for immediate resolution of malfunctions on-site. A notifications log keeps track of equipment status changes and alerts to any operational issues, streamlining maintenance and enhancing system reliability.


Results of Cooperation

Right Information has become the key development partner, contributing to expanding and maintaining the entire software suite for over two years. Enterprises offering innovative technologies and solutions, like our client, can handle the entire process more effectively with a supportive partner adept in strategic areas.

City lighting at night

Thanks to the collaborative efforts with Right Information, the client’s customers now enjoy a more intuitive and efficient management of their lighting software systems. The system aligns with globally accepted Smart City standards, ensuring enhanced interoperability and future scalability. Moreover, the enhanced capabilities allow for a more responsive and sustainable approach to city illumination, with the added benefit of reduced operational costs and energy consumption.

In essence, the partnership has not only shed light on the streets but also on the potential for smarter, more eco-friendly urban environments. The project serves as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration in the tech sphere.

With Right Information, the future is not just bright–it’s brilliant.

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