Container and shipment tracking

IoT Containers Tracking Platform

Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain
Country: United Arab Emirates
Scope of work: Web development, Hardvare and Software integration
Technology stack: .Net, C/C++


Nowadays, it is a prime concern for many logistics and manufacturing companies to ensure the safer and timely arrival of their shipments. This motivates the need for tracking and tracing logistic systems, which ensures the opportunity to increase traceability and control of many operations of the company.

Shipment tracking in real-time allows companies not only to check the status of the shipment but also constantly keep a finger on the puls and quickly react to unprevented situations.

The world-known logistics provider faced the problem of stolen or damaged shipments and needed to improve transparency during the delivery on all stages. The issue required tracking all the information about the cargo container shipment in real-time to forecast ETA, potential circumstances during the whole way from A to B, and monitor the status of the container.

Right Information developed a custom Cargo Tracking Platform using hardware container trackers. The platform was designed to provide continuous container shipment tracking and ETA forecasting based on real-time road traffic conditions.

System and all hardware devices were integrated and connected to a cloud solution to provide information not only about the location but also container conditions (doors, temperature, humidity, etc.) based on GPSR or satellite connection to the software platform.

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