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Online Catalog and Product Selection Software

Industry: Industrial Automation
Country: Poland
Scope of work: Solution architecture, Web development, Maintenance
Technology stack: PHP, Angular, MySQL, Linux


Transition from Printed Materials to E-Catalog and Product Selector

BAKS, founded over 30 years ago, is an East-Europe leader in designing and producing professional cable route and installation systems. They use the latest technology, such as punch die and folding machines and welding robots. The company provides an extensive and diverse range of over 27,000 standard products. Its products meet the most demanding requirements of various industries. This includes building construction and infrastructure.

BAKS has invested in modern equipment and experienced personnel. Their commitment to safety, quality, and strength has earned them recognition in the industry. As a result of these efforts, the company has earned many certificates that emphasize these values. The brand offers construction solutions tailored to specific installations and requirements.  


The Need of Pre-sales and Sales Transformation with Online Catalog

With its impressive array of standard products, BAKS faced a challenge in managing and presenting its broad product catalog. Their traditional approach of utilizing large and heavy printed catalogs was becoming increasingly cumbersome and outdated. This physical constraint burdened sales communication and the extensive pre-sales process. 

The company partnered with Right Information to transition from bulky printed catalogs to an efficient digital solution. 

The primary challenge was translating this intricate catalog into an easy-to-read digital format. And without losing its comprehensive nature. The project needed to detail the tens of thousands of catalog entries and represent them precisely on-screen. The client required a design that mirrored the ease of navigation found in their printed catalogs. This meant encompassing the familiarity of a table of contents at the front, an index at the back, and product sheets. 

We also recognized the need to automate BAKS’ pre-sales and sales processes. These relied heavily on direct communication with sales agents. To improve efficiency, reduce manual efforts, and enhance the customer experience, BAKS needed a tool that could replicate the extensive product catalog in an online format, adding search and selection features based on specific project criteria. 

So, our challenge was to translate the physical sales experience into a digital one.  


Developing the E-Catalog and Product Selector

The solution was far more complex than just a digital representation of BAKS’ product catalog. We developed an intelligent and responsive tool that adapts to various customer needs. At the same time, it reflects product behavior under various specified conditions.

The strategy involved a comprehensive, multi-step approach to meet the challenges: 

Collaborative Development Process 

Right Information and BAKS worked in close collaboration, adopting a waterfall project methodology to ensure that each phase of the development was carefully planned and executed. This methodical approach provided a comprehensive understanding of the project, ensuring the team meticulously considered all details before moving on to the next phase. 

Customized Online Catalog Software

BAKS Online Catalog –

We crafted a responsive online product catalog that mirrored the printed version’s table of contents, hierarchy, glossary, and product pages. Our mathematical representation of the catalog data allows clients to swiftly navigate through tens of thousands of items, selecting the best products that match their needs.  

Product Page –

The solution optimizes for mobile use, providing a key feature for engineers who need to make calculations on the go. Additionally, it supports multiple languages and allows for unit switching to fit customer requirements. The incorporated dynamic calculations and interactive graphs provide an engaging UX. 

Data Management System Behind the E-Catalog

An essential part of the solution was creating a bespoke Product Information Management (PIM) system for BAKS. This system acts as a single source of truth for product information, ensuring that what customers and the sales staff see online is always current. This solution allows businesses to manage complex manufactured items with ease. 

Advanced Search and Selection Tool 

User Guide –

We introduced a custom product selection tool that performs advanced searches based on selected parameters. Users can see the calculations directly on the product sheet.

The tool guides users on what information they need to specify and why to get the most accurate results for their project.

User Guide –

This advanced feature also allows users to simulate the product behavior under specific conditions. The system performs product endurance calculations based on various static and dynamic parameters. Users can see how a change in one variable affects others directly. 

Integration with Existing Systems 

The software allows for easy integration with other systems like B2B portals, quoting and e-commerce platforms. When users generate product shopping lists, BAKS’ internal system automatically records these selections. This seamless integration speeds up the sales process, as salespersons can quickly access customer requirements. 

Business Impact 

How the Implementation of an Online Catalog Influenced Business Operations

Implementing the tailored online product catalog and integrated data management system has certainly had a profound impact on BAKS’ business operations. Our solution has revolutionized the way BAKS engages with its customers and partners, creating a seamless transition between product exploration, customization, and the ordering process. It’s become an essential tool that aligns with the company’s strategic objectives and contributes significantly to its long-term success. 

By presenting a comprehensive, interactive catalog online, BAKS can reach customers in remote and previously untapped markets. The ability to offer real-time updates and dynamic product capabilities evokes a sense of trust and reliability among users. 

Moreover, the online catalog and product selection software has streamlined internal processes within the company. Sales engineers and technical support teams can now quickly access up-to-date product information. This reduces response times and enhances customer service. The integration with other systems has allowed for a more efficient sales process, saving both time and resources. 

One of the most significant impacts has been on BAKS’ ability to adapt to customer needs. The customizability and advanced selection functions provide a more personalized user experience. This allows BAKS to cater to specific requirements. As a result, the company can benefit from increased customer satisfaction and a boost in sales and revenue.

BAKS became an industry benchmark, setting a standard that competitors aspire to achieve. Our partnership has helped them to grow and redefine their market presence, making product selection a matter of a few clicks.  

Our relationship with BAKS went beyond the development phase. For more than ten years of cooperation, we have been offering ongoing collaboration and support to BAKS. This ensures that the tailor-made solutions remain aligned with the client’s evolving needs and industry trends.

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