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Industry: HVAC
Country: Sweden
Scope of work: Business analysis, Web development
Technology stack: .NET, JavaScript


Revamping HVAC Fan Selection Process

Systemair AB is a recognized Swedish company creating better air, every day, worldwide. Its humble beginnings in 1974 focused around a simple yet innovative product: a circular duct fan that revolutionized the installation of ventilation systems.

Today, the company is dedicated to enhancing indoor air quality and reducing carbon dioxide emissions through sustainable and energy-efficient products. 

Systemair has a global presence spanning 52 countries and a workforce of 6,600 employees across 26 factories. Most of its products are far more intricate than the original circular duct fan, with some solutions stretching up to 30 meters in length.

In 2002, our collaboration with Systemair began when they recognized our expertise in similar projects. What follows is a remarkable transformation, where innovative solutions met complex industry demands, reshaping the HVAC industry.


Simplifying a Product Selection Process

Systemair had an impressive array of printed catalogs, but their pre-sales and sales processes called for a restructure and standardization. The need for quick and precise product selection and quotes in the HVAC sector became increasingly evident. Customers were looking for guidance in navigating and selecting the right components from hundreds of thousands of catalog listings. 

The main challenge was making product selection process a breeze. Understanding complex specifications and requirements, such as airflow and pressure drop calculations, was a daunting task. Before digital tools, customers relied on manual suggestions for product selection process.

Another challenge was automating the sales process to empower users to swiftly find the products they needed, along with accessing the relevant technical data. It was imperative to create a central point of reference. The new solution had to be able to optimize workspaces and measure performance, encompassing factors like flow, acoustics, power consumption, and compliance with industry standards.

HVAC calculations, previously performed manually, were labor-intensive and time-consuming. Only highly skilled engineers were able to carry them out precisely. The goal was to provide accurate product information, initially targeting suppliers and later making it accessible online.


Creating Intuitive E-catalog and Product Selector

Our collaboration with Systemair began when its Polish branch approached us for what initially seemed like a standalone project. The management was genuinely impressed by our user-friendly software, prompting the headquarters in Sweden to consider a more extensive digitalization of the company. 

Here’s what we accomplished for Systemair:

Product strategy and data management

The HVAC industry relies heavily on precision, clarity, and industry regulations. That’s why it was necessary to gather the relevant and accurate data. To do this, we collaborated with Systemair’s various stakeholders, including sales, laboratory, and data acquisition teams. We helped the company meticulously categorize and organize its extensive product range. 

Together, we crafted a strategic plan for data acquisition, data format, and recording methods. We guided the client on which digital solutions and technologies would bring the most benefit to the customers and internal teams while achieving the fastest ROI. 

We designed and developed the whole data management environment. The outcome was a central point of technical data that would form the backbone of Systemair’s user-friendly digital catalog.

PIM and LDM for HVAC Products

Having meticulously categorized data, we were able to implement a robust Product Information Management system integrated with the Laboratory Data Management system. 

PIM serves as the central hub for all product-related information. It collects, stores, organizes, and categorizes all types of information, including technical specifications, features, performance data, and media files, ensuring easy accessibility for all. For Systemair, it meant accuracy and consistency of all incoming and shared product data.  

On the other hand, LDM manages the complex world of laboratory data. It ensures that all data, especially technical and scientific information, is recorded, maintained, and readily available. 

The integration of PIM with LDM guarantees data accuracy for Systemair. The company can now use this data for various applications, from creating marketing materials to meeting industry standards and regulations.

Beyond the digital product catalog, PIM became the foundation for creating professional sales offers, simplifying the process for Systemair’s sales teams. It also integrated with other digital systems, like CRMs, BI systems, ERPs, and e-commerce platforms. 

Electronic product catalog

Our dynamic, user-friendly electronic product catalog for Systemair changed forever how customers interact with its extensive product range. 

Users can now browse and search on-screen for products required for their applications categorized by their type: fans, air handling units, residential ventilation systems, air distribution products, fire safety, air curtains, and heaters.

Each product category is organized into subcategories, creating a hierarchical structure based on product functionality and purpose. This hierarchy makes it easier for customers to identify and select the products that align with their specific needs and requirements.

Opening a product card, users can explore the product’s specifications, features, and technical data with ease. Plus, they can find pictures, CAD drawings, and other helpful multimedia files to better understand the product.  

The digital product catalog, originally only available on desktop for internal use, is now accessible for everyone online in multiple language versions. These functionalities opened a whole new pool of markets for Systemair.

Product selection and configuration tool

But it doesn’t stop there. We designed and created an advanced product selection and configuration tool that has redefined how Systemair’s customers build their HVAC systems.

Our product selection and configuration tool offers an intuitive interface where users can  explore a wide range of parameters, from basic factors like size and capacity to intricate features and performance specifications.

The product selection feature allows users to delve into product specifications, compare options, and fine-tune their selections. Users can find products by inputting requirements like airflow, pressure drop, sound power level, or tolerance range. When viewing the selected product’s page, the system displays recommended accessories suggestions to complement their choices.

The tool allows for complex calculations, such as pressure drop and sound power level or throw length. Interactive graphs enable users to experiment with different parameters, gaining insights into product behavior under various conditions. With the ability to visualize configurations and access precise technical calculations, including advanced CFD analysis, customers are guaranteed to get exactly what they need. It’s also possible to swap between units for easy conversions.

The product configuration tool allows users to tailor products like air handling units and axial fans to their specific needs. Users can input their required specifications, customizing each product to match their unique requirements. The system ensures that the product will match the application’s conditions and the industry standards. 

Now, potential customers can visualize their configurations and access precise technical calculations. It simplifies decision-making and ensures that customers get precisely what they need.

System integrations

All of our solutions come fully integrated, ensuring seamless functionality for your business operations. Our expertise in system integrations allows us to bridge the gap between a company’s offerings and essential components of its business.

We have successfully integrated Systemair’s new software with various critical components, including laboratory data acquisition, CRM/ERP systems, and eCommerce platforms. This integration empowers the company’s sales representatives to streamline their processes, providing them with the tools they need to excel.


The Business Impact of Product Selector for HVAC Products

The strength of our digital solution was undeniable. Initially available as a desktop application for engineers, it was later transformed into an online version accessible to engineers and clients all around the world. 

What was to serve as an electronic product catalog has taken on the role of a comprehensive product store.

Our solutions had a profound impact on Systemair’s business:

  • Digital transformation

We enabled Systemair to scale operations globally, extending their reach to new markets.

  • Sales process automation

The self-service, multilingual, and market-specific product range features streamlined the sales process.

  • Accurate product customization

The new level of customization ensures that Systemair’s HVAC solutions are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of each customer while adhering to market regulations.

  • Integrations

Seamless data integrations with laboratory systems and CRM optimized technical data access, supporting professional customer proposals.

  • Setting industry standards

Our automation and digitalization efforts set industry benchmarks for others to follow.

We are pleased to see that thanks to our digital consultation and advanced software solutions, Systemair has become a major player, influencing and helping drive trends and development in the ventilation sector. 

Systemair now offers products that are robust, simple to choose, install, and use. We take pride in bringing their products closer to customers all around the world.

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