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    “Right Information follows an efficient workflow, communicating and resolving issues quickly. They delivered faster than expected.

    The productivity, accuracy, and pace of work were incredible.”

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    Josh Evans, Engineering Manager
    Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.

    “This project for us is value-adding and cost-reducing in many ways. We did a lot of double work before, and getting rid of that will directly impact our profitability.

    Their structured working methods were impressive. “

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    Product Manager
    Heating & Cooling System Manufacturer

    “Right Information remained flexible throughout the process, collecting and incorporating feedback from multiple stakeholders.

    Their creative problem-solving abilities made them stand out.”

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    Cultural Heritage Publisher

    “From day one, it was a great pleasure to work with Right Information. We achieved exactly what we set out to achieve, and we did it on time and within budget.

    Right Information’s strongest trait is their decision-making skills and ability to focus on targets.””

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    Bartosz Popiel, Marketing Coordinator
    Mazda Motor Poland
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    Kopernika 18, 51-617, Wroclaw, Poland