AI Implementation

Ready to take your business into the AI revolution? Artificial Intelligence is a transformative force redefining how businesses operate, innovate, and compete. As your expert AI partner, Right Information specializes in building bespoke AI solutions tailored to your business and industry’s needs. Get ready to automate processes, gain insights from data, and drive decision-making, setting the stage for unprecedented growth and efficiency. From planning to implementation, we’ll help you all the way to impress your customers and outsmart your competition.

Our AI Implementation Services:

AI Consulting

With our deep technical knowledge, we help to accelerate your AI development. We offer strategic guidance tailored to your industry-specific challenges and business goals, covering AI technology selection, project planning, and risk mitigation. Our expert advice on AI security and compliance ensures minimized risks and optimal project costs.

Generative AI Development

Dive into the future with our cutting-edge Generative AI Development services. Leveraging the power of advanced algorithms and the latest developments in machine learning, our engineering and data science team develop bespoke AI solutions tailored to your vision and needs. Integrate generative AI tools to notably cut down on your product’s development duration and expenses.

Data Collection and Processing

With over 20 years of experience, Right Information excels in designing and implementing robust data collection and processing infrastructures. We ensure data quality and integrity by utilizing AI-driven software for data aggregation, processing, and analysis. This enables your business to produce accurate AI-powered forecasts, automate decision-making, and identify new opportunities for sustainable growth.

AI Model Development

Our expert team of data scientists and machine learning engineers develop custom AI models that solve your specific business challenges. Whether it’s predictive analytics or natural language processing, our models are designed to deliver actionable insights and tangible results.

AI Integration

We integrate AI solutions into your existing systems and workflows, helping you achieve world-class productivity levels. We specialize in custom software that automates mundane tasks and enhances customer experiences. Our comprehensive planning and execution ensure a smooth and secure transition, enabling immediate operational improvements.

Our cooperation models:

Time and Materials

This flexible model is well-suited for medium to large projects when requirements are not clear enough. It allows for complete control over the development process and enables the swift implementation of changes.

Fixed or target price

The fixed-price model is best for small, one-time projects where the scope, timeline and requirements can be well-defined. The software development process strictly follows the amount of work fixed in the contract.

Dedicated team

This highly flexible model allows you to quickly extend your team with required technology specialists. You can adjust the team’s size, communicate with individual members, and adjust the workload to ensure an efficient project flow.

Case studies
Cancer prediction system algorythm
AI Data Analysis and Visualization

A new way of merging research results based on proper visualization of outcomes

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lipidomic analyses with AI
Decoding ccRCC Tumor with Lipidomic Analysis

Learn how we used data science and AI data analysis to transform the healthcare by building an advanced predictive model.

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Iot container tracking platform
IoT Containers Tracking Platform

Complex IoT platform for container shipment tracking and ETA forecasting based on road traffic conditions

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PLC Digital manufacturing Cloud
PLC and Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Digital record platform for automated assembly line for a mechanical engineering company

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Our AI Solutions Expertise:

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Healthcare & Biotech

Right Information’s AI-powered solutions revolutionize healthcare and biotech by applying computer science to improve diagnostics and care delivery. We create custom software that unlocks the full potential of your data. Our AI algorithms can analyze complex biomedical datasets to solve biological problems and health-related issues.


We develop AI software to efficiently and scalably solve your problems. We bring AI into manufacturing to optimize production lines, improve quality control, and reduce operational costs. Right Information’s AI-driven analytics and automation tools empower manufacturers to achieve lean operations and higher product quality.

Supply Chain & Logistics

We create AI-driven forecasting models and real-time tracking systems that go beyond traditional supply chain management. We’ll help you optimize inventory management, route planning, and supplier selection. Our AI-enhanced solutions automate warehouse operations and minimize supply chain risks to achieve cost savings and gain total control over shipments.


From optimizing factory operations to predictive maintenance, our AI solutions transform the automotive sector. We deploy AI algorithms that enhance production efficiency and improve vehicle safety. Utilizing digital twins, we offer advanced design and testing protocols, setting the stage for the next generation of smart cars.

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Why to work with RI?
  1. 01
    Technology background
    It is the initial phase where we discuss your idea and assumptions regarding the project. All together we go through the scoping process using brainstorming techniques to define the roadmap, objectives, timeline and full vision of the product to be developed. During the discovery phase, all the essential areas like user types and flows, data, processes, interfaces, ideas are covered.
  2. 02
    Customized solutions
    Once the vision and business requirements are defined there is a time to turn them into the software requirement specification. Our software architects create a blueprint of a system that will operate under functional and non-functional constraints. The main goal is to ensure that the architecture of the system will meet business needs.
  3. 03
    Data-centric approach
    The next phase is programming. We suggest the best team composition tailored to the project needs. Our developers code based on the predefined SRS. We have an agile approach and divide the development process into sprints to break down project into pieces and deliver better quality. That’s why the product is built step by step in order to avoid risks and technical limitations in the future.
  4. 04
    Multidisciplinary industry knowledge
    Launching a new software without quality assurance can bring a lot of risks because of growing expectations from end-users. We aim to deliver quality software that corresponds to all the specifications and demands. That’s why we include testing and QA processes in the project development cycle.
  5. 05
    Commitment at every step
    Once the software is fully tested, it can be implemented into the live environment. It requires several actions from our side.

    Our team ensure that software is available and ready to use.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What is the implementation of AI?
      AI implementation refers to integrating artificial intelligence algorithms into existing systems or creating new AI-based applications to address specific business challenges.
    2. Where can I implement AI?
      AI can be implemented across various sectors, from healthcare to manufacturing. Custom AI solutions can be tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities within each industry, offering versatile applications for business improvement.
    3. How to implement AI in manufacturing?
      To bring AI into manufacturing, you’ll need a comprehensive AI implementation strategy that includes data collection, model development, and integration. Investing in bespoke AI solutions optimizes production lines, enhances quality control, and improves overall operational efficiency.
    4. What is artificial intelligence consulting?
      Artificial intelligence consulting, or AI consultancy, provides expert advice and strategic planning for businesses looking to adopt or optimize AI technologies. Right Information offers guidance on artificial intelligence product development and specializes in designing, developing, and implementing AI solutions to help businesses achieve concrete results.
    5. What are examples of AI services?
      Common examples of AI services include Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, and Automated Customer Service Bots. Other specialized examples of AI services include Generative AI, Data-led Transformation, and Responsible AI. Additionally, artificial intelligence web development allows for creating dynamic, intelligent websites that adapt to user behavior, offering an enhanced user experience.
    6. How can businesses benefit from AI?
      Businesses can benefit from AI through automation, data-driven decision-making, and enhanced customer experiences. We offer specialized artificial intelligence consulting services to help you identify the best AI strategies for your specific challenges.
    7. What is AI as a service?
      Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) refers to the delivery of AI functionalities from a third-party company. The service allows you to access custom AI algorithms without the need for in-house expertise or infrastructure.
    8. What is generative AI development?
      Generative AI development refers to the creation and optimization of algorithms that can produce new, original content or data. This can range from text and images to more complex outputs, all based on patterns learned from existing data.
    9. How can generative AI improve my business?
      Generative AI can revolutionize your business operations by automating content creation, personalizing user experiences, predicting market trends, and reducing manual, time-consuming tasks. This not only saves time and resources but also offers a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.
    10. How long does it take to implement a generative AI solution?
      The timeline depends on the complexity of the project and your specific requirements. However, our expert team, with 22 years of experience, ensures a streamlined process, delivering solutions efficiently without compromising on quality.
    11. Will I need to provide data for the AI model?
      Yes, sure. The generative AI based on data. The more quality data you provide, the better the AI model can learn and generate accurate results. Our team will guide you on the best practices for data collection and usage.