Biomedical IT

Biomedical IT

We specialize in biomedical data science consulting, bioinformatics (biomedical data analytics) and medical informatics (healthcare software development) to analyze, simplify, organize, visualize and interpret complex datasets to solve biological problems and health related issues.

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Application of our expertise:
  1. Biomedical Data Science Consulting
    We apply computer science derived from disciplines such as machine learning (ML), statistical analysis, data mining, computational analysis and mathematical modeling to extract information from any type of biological data including images, high-dimensional ‘omics data’, biometrics, assay information, publically available data repositories or own experimental data.

    Our PhD trained data scientists provide niche academic knowledge and skills by working at the interface between biology and computation to make sense of complex datasets and information. Our clinical experts integrate, synthesize, analyze, identify patterns, correlations and trends in clinical data.
  2. Bioinformatics
    We apply off the shelf models (OTS) and create bespoke ML models to analyze data, classify it, extract features, detect patterns and integrate it with other data types. Our experienced team of mathematicians, software engineers, software developers and translational science experts dissect complex interconnections between biologics such as proteins, nucleic acids, antibodies etc. and link the results with clinical features.
  3. Medical Informatics
    We provide healthcare software development services including medical records system development, comprehensive data management system development, laboratory information management, task automation and laboratory scheduling. Based on clinical data available we apply computer science to mine it, organize it, allow for easy data access and extract information.

    We have expertise in integration of data from different sources or devices including health wearables, mobile applications and clinical trial data to enable real-time data access.

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PIM platform with fan selection and configuration software based on the online product catalogue

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Chemical Data Management System for materials, laboratory measurements and market standards

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Meet our expert:

Katarzyna Bloch

Scientist and Clinical Data Analyst, Ph.D

Hi, I am a scientist and biomedical engineer specializing in the analysis of high throughput data especially in the area of cancer biology, circulating biomarkers and metabolism.

I have a vast experience in the analysis of general clinical laboratory data, phospholipidomic data, patient clinical data, 3D tumor models and high-throughput analysis of biomedical images.

I managed and performed interdisciplinary research studies at  University of Oxford and Katholieke University Leuven. I greatly enjoy analyzing complex biological data and exploring mathematics, computation analysis and IT solutions in order to get more insight into the system and solve the underlying biological problems.