The successful digital transformations are driven by the industry context applied in the software. We offer solutions blended with an in-depth understanding of processes and products, intelligent technologies and science. 

We accelerate the businesses by applying the new models of work and by delivering higher value and experience in the software to both employees and customers. 

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Application of our expertise:
  1. Sales operations
    We automate sales operations and optimize the process of selecting or configuring the right product or service, up to managing pricing policies and creating quotes for B2C and B2B clients. Thanks to our knowledge of Configure, Price and Quote operations we help get rid of spreadsheet-based pricing, easily configure, price products and deliver quotes just in a few clicks.
  2. Customer self-service
    We develop intuitive sales applications and B2B portals to assist customers in their buying or self-service journey. Our custom solutions help streamline the entire sales processes from product search to order without integrating sales reps or customer support.
  3. Product Management
    Over the last 20 years, we gained vast knowledge of complex products data and product life-cycle from various industries. We deliver PIM/PDM solutions that help companies to manage any kind of product and process related Information including measurements. It includes tracking changes, accelerate processes, store all information in one place and provide complete product information to potential partners and customers.
  4. Custom calculation engines
    We create custom math, physics or data based algorithms to perform industry-specific calculations. Custome calculation modules allow for making complex calculations of the product’s performance or efficiency depending on the number of parameters provided by the user e.g. air or fluid flow, static pressure, temperature, etc.
  5. Guided selling
    We build guided selling tools for selecting products or services in accordance with the pre-defined parameters. While search only establishes the best matches for the simple user’s request (e.g. title + some filters), the selection tool helps to dynamically recommend the best products based on the provided input for more complex requirements.

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Case studies
Industrial Engineering
wheel, gear heating and cooling systems app
Custom platform with CPQ and PDM capabilities

Configure, Price and Quote system for heating and cooling systems based on custom Product Data Management platform

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shopping, trolley, ecommerce platfrom
Ecommerce platform with PIM system

Advanced B2B e-Commerce platform with PIM/LDM and product catalogue

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schedule marketing activities app
Marketing activities planning system

Marketing activities planning and reporting system for the whole dealership network

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Meet our expert:
Mateusz Cholewa

Mateusz Cholewa

Solution Architect

Hi, I’m an experienced Solution Architect with a strong project management background. For more than 7 years help our clients evaluate their business needs and interpret them into digital solutions. I am responsible for defining technical requirements and organizing development efforts.

Tell me your needs and I’ll find the best solution for that!