Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Manufacturing and industrial companies seek to accelerate production processes, instantly improve the quality of machines and systems, streamline operations, and find innovative ways to work as part of their digital transformation efforts.  

With expertise in both software engineering and physical integration, we develop digital solutions that help businesses collect, analyze and process data from devices to make strategic decisions and meet business goals.  

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Application of our expertise:
  1. Industrial IoT
    IoT implementation allows eliminate a large number of production problems and effectively transform manufacturing processes. We help to collect, process and use data from machinery for remote monitoring and management, predictive maintenance and servicing.
  2. Digital Twin
    We create a digital model of the device or machine that doesn’t exist to simulate its behavior or replicate processes for various needs. The digital twin technology can be used for testing PLC or HMI software or for production logistics (material flow) to predict collisions during assembly or the production process. To do that we use appropriate tools like WinMod and Zenon.
  3. AI and Big Data analytics
    We implement data processing and data analytics with the help of AI to support industrial processes and machine/device work where it is needed. The combination of data collection and AI algorithms allows to learn from data, identify trends, anomalies and make operations more predictive and efficient.
  4. Machine-to-Machine integration
    M2M technologies are based on the exchange of information from both wired and wireless monitoring systems. We integrate data from sensors, devices and production lines with data processing, presentation and sharing systems.
  5. Virtual and Augmented reality
    We apply VR/AR technologies to support industrial companies in their production operations. This includes product design and development, assembly processes, quality control and servicing.
  6. System integration
    Thanks to system integration we allow to exchange and secure smooth flow of data between different systems on different levels.

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Industrial Engineering
wheel, gear heating and cooling systems app
Custom platform with CPQ and PDM capabilities

Configure, Price and Quote system for heating and cooling systems based on custom Product Data Management platform

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computer, data migration
Data migration to Microsoft Dynamics

Full data migration from legacy ERP system to new Microsoft Dynamics platform

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Industrial Automation
automatic, machines industry 4.0
PLC and Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Digital record platform for automated assembly line for a mechanical engineering company

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Meet our expert:
Mateusz Cholewa

Mateusz Cholewa

Solution Architect

Hi, I’m an experienced Solution Architect with a strong project management background. For more than 7 years
I help our clients evaluate their business needs and interpret them into digital solutions. I am responsible for defining technical requirements and organizing development efforts. In my work, I enjoy solving complex software problems and addressing specific
business issues.

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