IoT application development

Build your IoT solutions with our expert IoT application development services. We cover every aspect of IoT application development, from basic prototyping to the market-ready product. We’ll guide you through device hardware selection and connectivity solutions, craft robust device software, manage IoT platforms, and design intuitive applications. All this with a keen focus on security, scalability, and effective data management.


IoT consulting

Whether you’re working on a novel Internet of Things project or looking to optimize your existing IoT architecture, our IoT consulting services provide expert guidance and strategic insights. We ensure your IoT solution is aligned with the specific needs of your business and industry. We cover all angles, from choosing the right hardware and connectivity solutions to developing bespoke software and ensuring robust data management.

Full-cycle IoT app development

We excel in turning ordinary objects into smart devices. From conceptualization to creating a secure, market-ready IoT solution, we bring your ideas to life. Our tailored end-to-end IoT development services enhance business operations, productivity, and CX. You’ll get an advanced IoT application that is 100% aligned with your business needs.

Wearable app development

We provide high-end IoT application development services for wearable devices. Our expertise spans from establishing a strong backend infrastructure to seamlessly integrating APIs and creating a unified platform that accommodates multiple applications and features. We build customized apps that run seamlessly on any wearable equipment.

Our cooperation models:

Time and Materials

T&M is a flexible model, best for medium and large-scale projects when requirements are not clear enough. This contract gives you full control for modifying project span or workloads. Your project can start much quicker, and the scope allows dynamic changes.

Fixed or target price

The fixed-price model is best for small, one-time projects where the scope, timeline and requirements can be well-defined. The software development process strictly follows the amount of work fixed in the contract.

Dedicated team

This highly flexible model allows you to quickly extend your team with required technology specialists.  Adjust the team’s size, communicate with individual members, and adjust the workload to ensure an efficient project flow.

Case studies
Iot container tracking platform
IoT Containers Tracking Platform

Complex IoT platform for container shipment tracking and ETA forecasting based on road traffic conditions

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Smart City Lighting IoT
Intelligent Lighting Management Software 

Enhancing Smart Cities with Intelligent Lighting Management Software. Read about our collaboration with a Swiss innovator.

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Digital signage design software
Custom Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage System with a scheduling module for conference and events facilitation

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PLC Digital manufacturing Cloud
PLC and Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Digital record platform for automated assembly line for a mechanical engineering company

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Our IoT expertise application:

Big circle
Small circle


We help manufacturers to progress to smart factories. Our custom IoT solutions harness machine-to-machine communication and real-time data collection during production, ensuring enhanced efficiency and predictive maintenance.


Your business can benefit from streamlined operations, optimized equipment performance, and informed decision-making. Ultimately, implementing IoT for industries helps to improve customer satisfaction, energy conservation, and cost reduction.

Healthcare & Wellness

We stand up to meet the ever-rising demand for remote monitoring of physical health and wellness. Connected healthcare devices collect and analyze data, automate processes and provide actionable insights into patients’ health status.


We develop intelligent hospital solutions, optimizing resource usage, automating patient care, and improving workflow management. Our IoT development services extend to integrating wearable health devices with healthcare systems for personal health tracking and clinical data collection.


We specialize in IoT for industries such as logistics to deliver solutions that optimize warehouse operations, inventory management and route optimization. With our intelligent predictive analytics services, we leverage IoT-generated data to forecast demand, plan routes, and manage resources more efficiently.


Impress your customers by introducing automation to every process of the purchase experience, from re-stock to product delivery.

Hospitality & Media

We deliver creative solutions for the hospitality industry that give guests a truly personalized experience. With our technology solutions, you can improve room conditions, keep track of equipment, and run your intelligent hotels smoothly.


Hotel managers can proactively identify and address concerns, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and earning 5-star ratings. We also develop smart signs that show customized content, making guests more engaged and interested.

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Why to work with RI?
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    Technology & Expertise
    We have a team of skilled professionals with deep expertise in software technologies. Our team stays updated with the latest advancements and trends, ensuring that we deliver cutting-edge solutions.
  2. 02
    Customized solutions
    We understand that every project has unique requirements. We take the time to understand your specific needs and develop tailored solutions that align with your business goals.
  3. 03
    Data-centric approach
    We prioritizes data accuracy, consistency, and quality at every step of the development process. Our team has extensive experience in working with complex data sets and developing custom software solutions that are specifically designed to manage and analyze data.
  4. 04
    Knowledge of various industry verticles
    The deep knowledge of various industries allows us to truly understand the unique challenges and business needs. We not only understand the technological aspects but also the business context and regulatory environment in which our solutions will operate.
  5. 05
    Commitment at every step
    We are fully responsible for every project we undertake. Our commitment is reflected in the way we engage with our clients, understand their needs, and strive to exceed their expectations. Moreover, our commitment doesn’t end with the delivery of the project. We continue to offer support and maintenance services to ensure the solution remains effective and continues to deliver value over time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What is IoT development services?
      IoT development services encompass the expertise and offerings of IoT development companies that specialize in creating custom software solutions. The developers build solutions precisely tailored to meet clients’ specific business needs. The services include various tasks, from designing and constructing IoT applications to seamlessly integrating devices and offering continuous support.
    2. What are the most common IoT applications?
      The most common IoT applications span a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and smart cities. These applications include real-time monitoring and control of processes, predictive maintenance, asset tracking, energy management, remote healthcare monitoring, and smart home automation.
    3. What are the main pillars of IoT?
      Whether it’s smart homes, industrial automation, or healthcare advancements, IoT development companies are at the forefront of driving the digital revolution forward. The four pillars of IoT referred to as things, include:
      1. Connectivity – involves the network of interconnected devices
      2. Data – refers to the information collected from these devices
      3. Processing – involves analyzing and making sense of the data
      4. Action – entails implementing decisions or changes based on the insights gained.
      These pillars work in synergy to drive the functionality and transformative power of the Internet of Things.
    4. Is the IoT secure?
      Many IoT devices lack robust security features, making them susceptible to hacking, data breaches, and unauthorized access. We design our software with a strong focus on security architecture. This involves implementing encryption protocols, secure APIs, and access controls to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Our experience in delivering IoT applications across diverse industries allows us to identify potential risks and design appropriate security measures.
    5. What kind of industrial IoT applications can you develop?
      We can develop a wide range of industrial IoT applications tailored to your specific needs. These may include solutions for real-time monitoring and control of manufacturing processes, predictive maintenance to optimize equipment performance, supply chain visibility and management, energy consumption optimization, remote asset management, and smart inventory tracking. Our expertise extends across various industries, enabling us to create customized industrial IoT applications that enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall operations.