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Product Selector is a quick and necessary tool to find the perfect match for complex projects. We specialize in building custom product selection tools for manufacturers and retailers that help users comfortably navigate through extensive product portfolios. Our dynamic tools simplify choices by intelligently aligning products with users’ unique needs based on their chosen parameters. Investing in our interactive search and selection software tailored to your business requirements, you provide a top-notch UX and enhance trust and credibility in your brand.

Our solutions for:


Printed large catalogues


Swapping printed catalogs for our innovative digital product catalog software lowers expenses and environmental impact. Our solutions are multilingual and adapt to various units and regional specifications. This flexibility enables you to effortlessly reach new markets, catering to diverse customer preferences and regulatory requirements.


Extensive product offer


We give you a bespoke product selection tool that simplifies your customers’ buying journey by aligning products with their precise needs. The solution filters options based on multiple static and dynamic parameters and recommends the matching products, ensuring that your customers find the exact product they require. This user-friendly navigation improves CX and boosts sales conversion rates.


Time-consuming product search


By automating the product selection process, our tool streamlines decision-making and eliminates human error. We apply intelligent algorithms to refine product selections so your customers reach the required product quickly and accurately. This automation also frees up your sales team to focus on more strategic tasks.


Lack of product information


Our product selection tools provide a complete 360° view of how products behave under various conditions. Using our interactive online tool builds your customer’s confidence by allowing them to see every aspect and potential behavior of a product. This enhanced visibility translates into increased trust and more decisive purchasing decisions.



Integration deficiency


We design custom selection software exclusively for your business. The tool aligns seamlessly with your existing systems and business strategies. Whether handling complex product specifications or changing market demands, our responsive tool speeds up your sales cycle. Plus, it’s scalable, so it’s easy to adapt to meet evolving needs as your business grows.

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Our expertise:

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Product Selection Tools for Manufacturing

We deliver bespoke product selection tools designed specifically for manufacturers dealing with advanced products and extensive specifications. Our solutions simplify the complex task of navigating through numerous product specifications, models, and variations.


Applying additional features, like sizing tools, technical drawings, CAD data, and interactive graphs, helps visualize and understand product characteristics. To support dynamic selection, we implement various calculation methods according to the business needs.

Product Selection Tools for Industrial Engineering

Our product selection tools for industrial engineering cater to the specific needs of engineers and industry professionals. We understand the complexities involved in selecting machinery, equipment, and components.


Our custom tools offer intelligent filtering and comparison features, making the selection process efficient and error-free. The selection tool helps determine product performance metrics and compatibility with other products, spare parts or accessories.

Product Selection Tools for Construction

The construction industry requires detailed attention to specifications, regulations, and performance requirements. Our product selection tools are crafted to support these unique needs, offering a comprehensive guide through various construction materials, equipment, and services.


By providing 360° views and adaptable parameters, our tools enable precise selection tailored to individual project needs. Based on the product selection results, users can quickly create an effective Bill of Materials (BOM).

Product Selection Tools for HVAC

In the HVAC industry, product selection often involves navigating intricate specifications and regulatory requirements. Our specialized product selection tools assist customers and engineers through this complexity, offering clear, user-friendly paths to the ideal solutions.


With multilingual capabilities and adaptable units, we tailor our tools to various regions and markets. Additionally, our solutions offer interactive features, including the ability to perform advanced air conditioning calculations and provide accurate heating and cooling load calculations.

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Why to work with RI?
  1. 01
    Technology background
    It is the initial phase where we discuss your idea and assumptions regarding the project. All together we go through the scoping process using brainstorming techniques to define the roadmap, objectives, timeline and full vision of the product to be developed. During the discovery phase, all the essential areas like user types and flows, data, processes, interfaces, ideas are covered.
  2. 02
    Customized solutions
    Once the vision and business requirements are defined there is a time to turn them into the software requirement specification. Our software architects create a blueprint of a system that will operate under functional and non-functional constraints. The main goal is to ensure that the architecture of the system will meet business needs.
  3. 03
    Data-centric approach
    The next phase is programming. We suggest the best team composition tailored to the project needs. Our developers code based on the predefined SRS. We have an agile approach and divide the development process into sprints to break down project into pieces and deliver better quality. That’s why the product is built step by step in order to avoid risks and technical limitations in the future.
  4. 04
    Multidisciplinary industry knowledge
    Launching a new software without quality assurance can bring a lot of risks because of growing expectations from end-users. We aim to deliver quality software that corresponds to all the specifications and demands. That’s why we include testing and QA processes in the project development cycle.
  5. 05
    Commitment at every step
    Once the software is fully tested, it can be implemented into the live environment. It requires several actions from our side.

    Our team ensure that software is available and ready to use.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What is custom product selection tool?
      A custom product selection tool is a specialized software solution designed to match your specific business needs, guiding customers through the process of choosing the right products from your portfolio. We can transition your product portfolio from printed literature to an interactive online catalog with advanced search and selection functions to provide a more personalized user experience.
    2. What are the benefits of custom-made product selection tools?
      Custom-made product selection tools provide a seamless and personalized user experience tailored specifically to your business and industry. Our experienced developers study your company’s existing processes, product and market specifics, and client expectations to deliver the best-optimized tool. This tailored approach ensures alignment with your unique brand identity and customer needs.
    3. What is the difference between product selectors and product configurators?
      While both are valuable pre-sales tools, product selectors guide customers to an existing product that fits their needs, whereas product configurators allow customization of a product’s features or components. Both applications can be tailored to enhance UX and drive sales.
    4. How do your custom product selectors integrate with existing business systems?
      We develop our bespoke product selectors with integration in mind. This ensures seamless alignment with your existing business systems, such as CRM, ERP, or inventory management. The integration allows for real-time updates and a cohesive workflow, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.
    5. Can you create online catalog to manage complex product searches based on selected parameters?
      Yes! We specialize in custom software development services building tools that automate advanced product searches. By implementing intelligent filtering and search algorithms, our custom-made online product catalogs adapt to specific parameters, guiding users to the ideal products. This tailored approach caters to your unique products, specific industry or regional requirements, and customer needs, providing an efficient and engaging experience.