Digital Signage System with scheduling module for conference and events facilitation.

We were asked by the construction company to design, develop and implement complex Digital Signage System to one of the newly build hotel. Due to the attention to details, high profile of the place and level of customer service, investor expected a reliable communication system for business events and conference attendees.


people capabilites


display devices


meeting rooms

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Conference hotel with capabilities to handle 1500 people, requires well-designed, digital and easy to maintain communication system for visitors and hotel guests. Facilitating multiple events and lots of people through the hotel hall is a challenge. The goal was to design and develop easy to maintain software system for hotel staff to help them schedule and prepare presentations on devices for events planned ahead.

The part of the project was also to choose suitable displays and design easy-to-install construction for devices connected to internal hotel’s network. System was required to be reliable and easy to maintain by the hotel staff.

Prepared server-client architecture for the software with independent linux-based operation system on every device, allowed to manage them from one central web application installed on internal server.

The easy-to-use web application was required to handle:

  • Management of different devices and screen resolutions.
  • Remote notifications (e.g. temperature monitoring).
  • Content presentation scheduling independently for each device.
  • Agendas preparation, route guidelines for event exhibitors.
  • Different types of static content management such as photos and text, PPT/PDF presentations.
  • Different types of dynamic content management from an application (e.g. videos) or external sources (e.g. currencies, weather, stock exchange listing).

The last part of the project was to install and integrated displays at the Hotel. We managed the process of software and hardware implementation as well as integration to internal network and we finally delivered ready-to-use digital signage system (DSS).

Easy-to-use and maintain software system with independent devices allowed to improve communication and logistics in the hotel during business events and conferences for more than 1500 people. Presentation preparation and scheduling, our attention to details and customer experience allowed to meet challenging requirements of customer service and help attendees smoothly navigate throughout the facilities.

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