10 ideas to accelerate your project delivery

Many organizations live with a belief that multiplying the number of people by average utilization (or performance) results in the team’s capacity. The software world is not so simple and with its complexity, this way of thinking rather builds big teams that don’t deliver much value and makes the management harder. It is important to ask a question on how to increase software development velocity.

This all leads to thinking that the organization should always improve or increase the utilization or hire more people – which is less effective, increases costs, and brings more stress because of extreme focus on wrong metrics.

What you can do?


01  Obvious: hire more people

02  Less obvious: augment a new team

03  Less obvious: focus on more important tasks

04  Not obvious: outsource just some tasks

05  Not obvious: improve the deployment process

06  Less obvious: prepare better staging environment

07  Not obvious: improve QA processes and data

08  Less obvious: implement continuous delivery

09  Less obvious: introduce separated DevOps role

10  Less obvious: make longer retrospective with the team

However, metrics are important, builds predictability, and are somehow the reference for the current situation there is also the business value that the team delivers. All numbers helps to make the decisions better, but what if the team works extremely hard with full of commitment but does deliver value for the company, its clients, or users? This way doesn’t make sense, and the right balance is the key.

And finally… maybe this is also relevant