4 ideas to save budget of your php project

The typical costs of the development team are related to the recruitment process, payroll, hardware, and licenses, of course, the office space, sick leaves, holidays, and perks.

Define better the requirements

People will spend less time on discussions, meetings and evaluation of tasks when you will define them well. It doesn’t mean you have to dive into the code, functions and methods and describe project development that you need. Once you define the user’s needs, describe the expected behavior and flow, discuss and keep in mind your technology limitations and describe the business value and how you will accept the work, this will help a lot!

Involve QA as soon as possible and manage test data

Why you should focus on QA and why it’s important? Because developers don’t focus 50% of their time on feedback and bug fixing if the code is tested well. They can then develop new code and solve new tasks. Define the most important test cases along with the test data (the input that you use to say it works). There is no one the best QA process because there is no just one development process. Find the sweet spot and moment when would be best to test resolved tasks.

Prioritize and plan right features and focus on value

Lack of proper planning and frequent changes in the roadmap (pivots) makes the development harder because developers works on assumptions you provide. Every architecture and database can be changed, of course, but the question is the amount of work, which rises exponentially with the complexity of your solution.

Outsource the work

Hire the augmented team to reduce recruitment costs and all office-related spendings. Contracts are very often flexible and allow to change the team composition by the time, and so you can reduce team when there is not much work while having the ability to increase quickly when it’s needed.

Other benefits of team augmentation are that you don’t need to spend days on interviews, but once you find the right development partner and share the expectations you can easily rely on their experience with the team members or even expect more responsibility on the delivery in case you go for project-based approach sometime.

And finally… maybe this is also relevant