Project discovery and ideation workshop is the best way to evaluate ideas, define project scope and the roadmap

Project discovery workshops can introduce you closer to the view of how your project may look like. The discussion and brainstorming give your idea a real shape and during the meeting allow to create the strategy and the roadmap. 

What is a project discovery or ideation workshop? 

The project discovery workshops are the perfect solution for the projects, where the requirements are on the general level. They are also a great starting point to let people dive into project details and understand the vision of the product to be developed. 

When you don’t have the capability to define the product backlog and evaluate whether it’s a good direction, read more about the process and see if you need a project discovery workshop. 

Who we worked with?

Build your digital product easily

Clarify your ideas with effective conversation.

Plan to speed up the start of the project.

Get a lot of insights for your business.

Start small and arrange a short discovery call.

Structured approach to answering all the “WHAT? WHEN? WHY? WHO? HOW?”. A project discovery session and well-prepared agenda will help you manage the chaos and brainstorming, where everyone will be trying to put their two cents into the discussion. Ideation workshop is also a great way to kick-off the project with all the parties – the client, developers, designers, project managers, and other stakeholders 

How does the process look like?

Pre-Workshop actions

1 week before the Workshop

  • Analysis of the company and of data.

  • Setting up the goals.

  • Preparing the plan and course of the workshop.

  • Preparing the Questionnaire.

  • Meeting agenda.

  • Meeting coordination.

Workshop meeting

1-2 days

  • Review of existing solution ideas and goals – how to improve them. 

  • Defining the product vision.

  • Determining customer segments, paths, and values.

  • Setting up the priorities for the main elements of the product. 

  • Defining the main scope of product development. 

  • Answering all questions and explaining complicated topics.

  • Identifying risks, issues, and key roles.

  • Setting conversion measures, KPIs, goals.

  • Summary of the meeting.

Post Workshop actions

1 week after the Workshop

  • Time and cost estimation based on the more reliable information

  • The solution – what can we do to make your project succeed,

  • Potential cost estimates suggested way of project delivery, 

  • Cooperation plan, our contribution, and suggested order of delivery

  • Defining the main idea – further cooperation

  • Analyzing data and preparing the final report 

A project discovery phase in startups or digitization projects is not only about choosing the technology. It is a key step to define how technology and business will work side by side. Project discovery and ideation workshops uncover full potential for business growth and scalability.  

Industries that benefit from project discovery workshop: 





Pharma, Medical products

Construction and building materials 

Industrial solutions and Manufacturing 

Logistics and Supply chain 

Frequency Asked Questions

Does project discovery workshop can speed up time to market (product launch)?

Yes, it can. The project discovery workshop and its outcomes will help you create a better market fit and as the result, it’ll speed up the time to market of your product.  

Who should attend the project discovery workshop?

Each workshop attendee is expected to actively contribute. Invite the key parties of the project:  

  • Project executives, CTO, COO, CEO

  • Software architect, project manager, UX/UI designer, developers

  • End-user representatives

  • Other project participants

Is project discovery workshop required on-site meetings?

No, it does not have to be on-site meeting. Nowadays, there are a lot of possibilities and tools to facilitate a successful remote workshop. However, we believe that on-site and face-to-face meetings are more efficient.  

How a project discovery workshop affects the budget?

A project discovery workshop and a clear roadmap will save your project budget and prevent you from unexpected expenses. What is next? Once you end up with a well-defined scope of work all you need to do is to define the backlog for the first few sprints/iterations, set up the right team for the project, and start the development. 


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