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The best way to evaluate ideas, define project scope and clarify the roadmap

We are offering scoping workshops to introduce you closer to the view of how your project may look like. Scoping workshops are very important, and can bring a lot of advantages when it comes to our cooperation. These discussion and brain storm gives your idea a shape and us a clue which path of creation should we follow. During these meeting we want to create potential strategy and answer on all of the questions.

Clarify your ideas with effective conversation.

Plan to speed up the start of the project.

Get a lot of insights for your business.

Lower the risk of failure with clear strategy.

Our process

Pre-Workshop actions

1 week before the Workshop

  • Analysis of the company and of data.

  • Setting up the goals.

  • Preparing the plan and course of the workshop.

  • Preparing the Questionnaire.

  • Meeting agenda.

  • Meeting coordination.

Workshop meeting

1-2 days

  • Review of existing solution ideas and goals – how it may be improved.

  • Defining the product vision.

  • Determining customer segments, path and values.

  • Setting up the priorities for main elements of the product.

  • Defining the main scope of the product development.

  • Answering on all questions and explaining complicated topics.

  • Identifying risks, issues and key roles.

  • Setting conversion measures, KPIs, goals.

  • Summary of the meeting.

Post Workshop actions

1 week after the Workshop

  • Time and cost estimation based on the more reliable information

  • The solution – what can we do to make your project succeed,

  • Potential cost estimates, suggested way of project delivery,

  • Cooperation plan, our contribution and suggested order of delivery

  • Defining the main idea – further cooperation

  • Analyzing data and preparing final report