AI/ML development

AI/ML development

Considering unlocking the potential of data and adopting AI technologies in business?

AI solutions allow to implement incredible ideas, solve difficult tasks, automate business processes, and create competitive advantages. We design, develop and implement AI solutions according to the unique requirements to help businesses achieve concrete results.

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Areas we cover:

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Robotic Process Automation
How we develop
  1. Ideation and project discovery
    It is the initial phase where we discuss your idea and assumptions regarding the project. All together we go through the scoping process using brainstorming techniques to define the roadmap, objectives, timeline and full vision of the product to be developed. During the discovery phase, all the essential areas like user types and flows, data, processes, interfaces, ideas are covered.
  2. Solution design
    Once the vision and business requirements are defined there is a time to turn them into the software requirement specification. Our software architects create a blueprint of a system that will operate under functional and non-functional constraints. The main goal is to ensure that the architecture of the system will meet business needs.
  3. Software development
    The next phase is programming. We suggest the best team composition tailored to the project needs. Our developers code based on the predefined SRS. We have an agile approach and divide the development process into sprints to break down project into pieces and deliver better quality. That’s why the product is built step by step in order to avoid risks and technical limitations in the future.
  4. Testing/QA
    Launching a new software without quality assurance can bring a lot of risks because of growing expectations from end-users. We aim to deliver quality software that corresponds to all the specifications and demands. That’s why we include testing and QA processes in the project development cycle.
  5. Deployment
    Once the software is fully tested, it can be implemented into the live environment. It requires several actions from our side.

    Our team ensure that software is available and ready to use.
  6. Maintenance/DevOps
    We provide full-cycle of software development with environment configuration, roll-outs and deployment. After project delivery, we provide maintenance and technical support services based on SLA (9-17 or 24/7).
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