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Data is the foundation of any business aiming to progress in digital transformation. From identifying new growth opportunities to risk mitigation, data analysis turns raw data into actionable insights, providing a strategic edge. Our data analysis solutions go beyond simple data management. We offer data analysis services that span a wide range of competencies, including advanced analytics, AI, and ML, to elevate your data capabilities. We break down data silos and use automated processes to uncover untapped opportunities and hidden risks, empowering you to make intelligent, growth-driven decisions.

Our services:

Data Mining and Scraping

Our expertise in data mining extracts critical insights from complex data sets while our data scraping services populate your analytics systems with vital web-sourced information. We’ll give you a 360-degree view of your market, propelling you ahead of the competition without the need for in-house specialists.

Data Modeling

We offer data modeling services to structure your complex data into a coherent framework and make it easier to analyze and render. With an architectural approach, we create simple-to-use and to-integrate systems that bring all your data into one secure and scalable place.

Data Visualization

Our data experts turn complex data sets into intuitive, easy-to-interpret interactive graphical representations. Using advanced tools, we distill vast volumes of data into actionable dashboards and visual interfaces so you can recognize patterns, trends, and insights that drive your strategic decisions.

Data Science

Leveraging ML, AI, and Deep Learning technologies, our data science services run experiments on your data in search of business insights. We help to transform your raw data into actionable knowledge that enhances your operations and long-term strategies.

Cloud Computing

Primarily leveraging Azure Machine Learning, we adeptly tailor solutions to harness the power of cloud technologies, ensuring a seamless fit with your unique requirements. While Azure is our forte, we’re versatile and client-centric, readily employing other cutting-edge cloud technologies to meet your specific needs.

Our cooperation models:

Time and Materials

T&M is a flexible model, best for medium and large-scale projects when requirements are not clear enough. This contract gives you full control for modifying project span or workloads. Your project can start much quicker, and the scope allows dynamic changes.

Fixed or target price

The fixed-price model is best for small, one-time projects where the scope, timeline and requirements can be well-defined. The software development process strictly follows the amount of work fixed in the contract.

Dedicated team

This highly flexible model allows you to quickly extend your team with required technology specialists. You can adjust the team’s size, communicate with individual members, and adjust the workload to ensure an efficient project flow.

Data Analysis Services for:

Pharma & Healthcare

Imagine turning the complex patient data, care costs, and medical outcomes into a crystal-clear roadmap for superior healthcare solutions. We offer data analysis services that comply with stringent regulations and optimize both clinical and business processes.


We perform manufacturing analysis to consolidate your data across various machines, operations, and systems. With our AI/ML-powered predictive capabilities, we enable real-time insights, preventive machinery maintenance, intelligent production scheduling optimization, and smart supply chain management, driving operational efficiency and significant cost savings.


We dive deep into operational capacity planning, optimizing resources based on real-time data from multiple touchpoints, like shipments, vehicle availability, and personnel schedules. This holistic approach ensures efficient operations and enhances the safety and reliability of cargo delivery.

Energy and Utilities

Our data analysis services help you recover swiftly from outages, minimizing revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction. We use advanced algorithms to provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, enabling a more customer-centric approach and targeted service improvements.

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Our Data Analysis process:
  1. 01
    Understanding client requirements
    In this crucial first step, we conduct comprehensive interviews and discussions with stakeholders to grasp the specific needs, goals, and constraints of your business. This helps us tailor our data analytics solutions to align perfectly with your objectives.
  2. 02
    Data collection
    We source data from multiple channels, including databases, APIs, and spreadsheets, to compile a robust dataset. This foundational step ensures that we have the comprehensive information needed for insightful analysis.
  3. 03
    Data cleaning and preparation
    Quality is key. That’s why we rigorously clean and prepare the data to remove any inconsistencies, duplicates, or errors. This ensures that the data feeding into the analytics pipeline is accurate and reliable.
  4. 04
    Exploratory data analysis
    At this stage, we conduct an initial examination of the data to identify patterns, anomalies, or relationships that can guide subsequent analysis. This helps us form hypotheses and understand the data’s underlying structure.
  5. 05
    Data modelling
    Leveraging advanced algorithms and methodologies, we build predictive or classification models tailored to your specific needs and industry standards. This stage provides the core analytics engine that drives insights from your data.
  6. 06
    Visualization and reporting
    We utilize cutting-edge visualization tools to present our findings in an easily digestible format. Reports and dashboards are customized to your requirements, allowing you to instantly understand and act on the insights delivered.
  7. 07
    The final step involves deploying the analytics models into your existing systems or operational workflows. This phase also includes rigorous functionality, performance, and accuracy testing to ensure seamless integration. Consequently, you can start benefiting from data-driven decision-making immediately.
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Josh Evans, Engineering Manager Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.
“This project for us is value-adding and cost-reducing in many ways. We did a lot of double work before, and getting rid of that will directly impact our profitability. ”
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Product Manager Heating & Cooling System Manufacturer
“Right Information remained flexible throughout the process, collecting and incorporating feedback from multiple stakeholders. Their creative problem-solving abilities made them stand out.”
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“From day one, it was a great pleasure to work with Right Information. We achieved exactly what we set out to achieve, and we did it on time and within budget.”
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    Frequesntly Asked Questions:

    1. What is data analysis services?

      Data analytics as a service helps businesses turn their raw data into actionable insights. Companies specializing in data analysis provide a range of data analytics solutions, allowing you to make data-driven decisions without hiring a dedicated in-house team.
    2. Why do enterprises outsource data analytics?
      Organizations often outsource data analytics to specialized data analytics services companies to gain expert insights without the cost and complexity of building an internal research department. This approach allows for more focused internal resources and quicker adaptation to market trends.
    3. What are data analytics companies?
      Data analytics companies, like Right Information, specialize in providing data analytics as a service, helping businesses collect, analyze, and interpret complex data. With the use of various tools and methodologies, they provide actionable insights tailored to each client’s needs.
    4. What do you mean by intelligent data?
      Intelligent data refers to data that has been processed and analyzed, often through AI/ML algorithms, to offer meaningful insights. Intelligent data powers automated decision-making and predictive capabilities, enhancing both short-term operations and long-term strategies.
    5. What is advanced analytics?
      Advanced analytics involves the use of high-level methods and tools to predict future trends, discover patterns, and provide actionable insights. This is an evolved form of traditional business intelligence and is often integrated into comprehensive data and analytics services.