Data Modernization

A modern data infrastructure is essential for businesses aiming to be scalable, agile, and future-ready. With growing data volumes and complexities, legacy systems often become bottlenecks, hindering innovation and operational efficiency. As your digital transformation partner, we can help you make the most of your data. From strategizing to implementation, we help businesses transition from outdated legacy solutions to state-of-the-art data ecosystems. Right Information has experts in data modernization that can help you access, transform, measure, and monetize your data effectively.

Our Data Modernization Services:

Data Architecture Design

Our data architecture design services build a scalable, cloud-centric framework essential for all your data needs. This streamlined approach improves how you gather, store, and leverage data, offering the adaptability to meet emerging technologies and business requirements.

Data Operations

Our DataOps strategies streamline data management with agile, automated, and accelerated asset delivery. Utilizing contemporary data engineering techniques, we streamline development, deployment, and continuous testing to optimize your data pipelines. The result is an efficient, future-proof data ecosystem tailored to your business needs.

Data Integration

Our team of data specialists creates solutions that seamlessly integrate data from various sources. We automate data retrieval and apply business logic to simplify workflows, enabling a standardized approach to data collection, integration, and reporting. This minimizes human error and frees your team from tedious data-related tasks.

Data Analytics & Reporting

We enable a transition from conventional analytics tools to next-gen platforms to elevate your data capabilities. Our services bring intuitive visualizations for complex datasets and embedded real-time analytics. We apply ML/AI functionalities that streamline analytics, reduce manual tasks, and enhance team collaboration.

Our cooperation models:

Time and Materials

This flexible model is well-suited for medium to large projects when requirements are not clear enough. It allows for complete control over the development process and enables the swift implementation of changes.

Fixed or target price

Ideal for small projects with clearly defined scope, timeline, and requirements. The software development process strictly follows the amount of work that is fixed in the contract.

Dedicated team

This model facilitates the rapid expansion of your existing team by incorporating the necessary technology specialists. The team size and composition can be easily adjusted during the project to ensure an efficient workflow.

Our Expertise:

Cloud-based platforms

We harness the power of the cloud to take your data management to the next level, uniting robust storage solutions with cutting-edge data modernization techniques. You’ll benefit from new forms of big data, enhanced analytical flexibility, and powerful AI-driven algorithms, enabling quicker adaptability to market shifts and streamlined operational costs.

Big Data Technologies

Our data modernization solutions help you to effectively manage and analyze large volumes of data. We implement top Big Data technologies that enable real-time analytics, customer insights, and improved operational efficiency.

Data Governance

We prioritize data integrity, security, and usability through robust data governance strategies. Our frameworks ensure your business is compliant, minimize risk, and maintain high data quality.

Business Intelligence

Our data experts employ cutting-edge Business Intelligence solutions to transform your data into actionable insights. Our BI tools offer intuitive dashboards and reports, providing you with instant access to critical data for well-informed business decisions.

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We’ve spent over two decades in the software industry, ensuring reliable and trusted services.


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with Our Longest-Standing Client. Our client relationships often last for years, a testament to our dedication and service quality.


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Our global footprint is extensive and we proudly serve clients across multiple continents.


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We’re fully committed to each and every project, big or small, aiming to deliver tailored solutions using a modern tech stack.


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Spanning diverse industries and technologies, our successful projects highlight our versatility, technological prowess, and customer-centric approach.

What clients talk about us:
“Right Information follows an efficient workflow, communicating and resolving issues quickly. They delivered faster than expected.”
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Josh Evans, Engineering Manager Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.
“This project for us is value-adding and cost-reducing in many ways. We did a lot of double work before, and getting rid of that will directly impact our profitability. ”
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Product Manager Heating & Cooling System Manufacturer
“Right Information remained flexible throughout the process, collecting and incorporating feedback from multiple stakeholders. Their creative problem-solving abilities made them stand out.”
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Director Cultural Heritage Publisher
“From day one, it was a great pleasure to work with Right Information. We achieved exactly what we set out to achieve, and we did it on time and within budget.”
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Bartosz Popiel, Marketing Coordinator Mazda Motor Poland

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What is data modernization services?
      Data modernization services upgrade and streamline legacy data systems into agile, contemporary frameworks. The transition results in enhanced data governance, real-time analytics, and efficient data operations, empowering your business to make informed decisions.
    2. What are the data modernization tools?
      Data modernization tools are specialized software solutions designed to transform, integrate, and manage your business data. This can include data ingestion tools, data lakes or warehouses, data transformation tools, business intelligence tools, and others tailored to your specific data needs.
    3. What are the benefits of data platform modernization?
      Data platform modernization enhances scalability, operational efficiency, and data governance. Modern software solutions minimize the potential for human error, speed up data access, and enable more robust analytics capabilities.
    4. What is data warehouse modernization?
      Data warehouse modernization involves updating or replacing legacy data warehouses to better handle today’s data demands. The modernized infrastructure enables faster query performance, simplified data management, and improved analytics.
    5. What is business intelligence solution?
      Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the technologies, applications, and practices for collecting, integrating, analyzing, and presenting business data. Unlike general data handling and analytics, BI solutions provide interactive dashboards, data visualizations, and actionable insights to facilitate strategic and operational decision-making. Such smart solutions are developed by business intelligence software companies like Right Information.