MVP, POC and Prototype development for business idea validation 

Many Startups and enterprises, during the product or service creation, do not distinguish between the stages of project development. Obviously, MVP, POC and Prototype approaches are intended to confirm business hypotheses. However, understanding the main differences will help to avoid costly misunderstandings. 

MVP vs POC vs Prototype 

MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) or Pilot project (in terms of big enterprises)

It is a version of the product that has a minimum set of functions in order to test its viability in the market. At this stage, there are no bunch of interesting features and a beautiful interface. It makes sense to use this approach in order to bring the product to the market and find out whether it will be in general demand. Thus, if demand has appeared, then there is a sense of further scalability. 

POC (Proof of Concept)

It is a small project designed to test crucial features before starting full-fledged product development. The implementation of a particular method or idea is used to verify whether the concept has practical potential. 


It is the starting point of each project. It is used to check several aspects of a product like product design, usability, and often functionality, which is not possible with POC. The main goal of the prototype is to help make a decision about product development and reduce errors in it. A prototype allows quickly gather feedback about the product and answer main questions whether it solves business problems or not. 

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