Custom Software Solutions

At Right Information, we don’t just code. We offer strategically-crafted solutions to enhance your competitive advantage. With 20+ years of hands-on experience in providing custom software development services, our talented team specializes in turning your ideas into impactful business results. Our strong technical background and expertise across various industries empower us to design, build, and maintain robust, secure, and scalable custom software solutions. Whether you need web applications, enterprise systems, or AI-powered digital solutions, we have the know-how to turn your ideas into reality.

Our custom software solutions:

Custom Web Application development

From business automation systems and web portals to eCommerce platforms, SaaS, and CRM solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of custom web application development services. Using advanced technologies, we build dynamic, scalable, and feature-rich web solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Mobile development services

We offer custom application development services to make your business mobile-friendly. Our expert team specializes in creating native and cross-platform mobile apps, delivering seamless user experiences while leveraging the latest technologies for iOS and Android.

Desktop development services

We build robust and user-friendly applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux, tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring high performance, security, and scalability.

UX/UI design services

Our talented UX & UI designers craft intuitive, visually stunning interfaces using user-centered design principles. This approach enhances usability and engages your target audience, providing memorable and impactful digital experiences.

Software consulting services

Our experienced consultants analyze your business needs, provide strategic guidance, and formulate customized software solutions. We ensure alignment with your goals, industry best practices, and emerging technologies, enabling you to make informed decisions and maximize the value of your software projects.

Case studies:
data migration preview
Data Migration to Microsoft Dynamics

Full data migration from legacy ERP system to new Microsoft Dynamics platform

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Ecommerce plarfom with PIM
E-commerce Platform with PIM System

Advanced B2B e-Commerce platform with PIM/LDM and product catalogue

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laboratory data management
Chemical Data Management System

One single. consistent, and trusted source for chemical materials, laboratory measurements, and market standards

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Iot container tracking platform
IoT Containers Tracking Platform

Complex IoT platform for container shipment tracking and ETA forecasting based on road traffic conditions

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Technologies we use:

.Net Development

Our team of skilled developers uses the power of .NET to build high-performing web applications, enterprise systems, and desktop applications. Learn more.

Java Development

At Right Information, we excel in Java development, leveraging its versatility and scalability to build robust enterprise solutions and web applications that meet the most demanding business requirements. Learn more.

PHP Development

Our PHP development services focus on creating dynamic and interactive web applications, leveraging the power of PHP’s server-side scripting language and vast ecosystem of frameworks to deliver efficient and customized solutions. Learn more.

Node js. Development

With our Node.js development expertise, we create scalable and high-performance applications, leveraging its non-blocking, event-driven architecture to build real-time applications and APIs that handle concurrent requests efficiently. Learn more.

Python Development


Python is our language of choice for developing diverse applications, including web development, data analysis, and machine learning projects. We leverage Python’s simplicity and extensive libraries to deliver powerful, reliable, and efficient solutions. Learn more.

React Development

Using React, we craft modern and interactive user interfaces, building single-page applications and component-based architectures that provide seamless user experiences and efficient data handling. Learn more.

Angular Development

Our Angular development services revolve around creating dynamic web applications. We take full advantage of Angular’s comprehensive framework to build scalable, cross-platform solutions with a modular architecture and robust feature set. Learn more.

Vue.js Development

With our Vue.js development expertise, we create highly performant and interactive web applications, leveraging its lightweight nature and reactive data binding to deliver fast, seamless, and intuitive user experiences. Learn more.

Our cooperation models:

Time and Materials

T&M is a flexible model, best for medium and large-scale projects when requirements are not clear enough. This contract gives you full control for modifying project span or workloads. Your project can start much quicker, and the scope allows dynamic changes.

Fixed or Target price

The fixed-price model is best for small, one-time projects where the scope, timeline and requirements can be well-defined. The software development process strictly follows the amount of work fixed in the contract.

Dedicated team

This highly flexible model allows you to quickly extend your team with required technology specialists. You can adjust the team’s size, communicate with individual members, and adjust the workload to ensure an efficient project flow.

How we develop your custom software:
  1. 01
    Requirements Analysis
    We start each development project by gathering, analyzing, and structuring the client’s requirements and expectations. This approach helps us understand your business goals and KPIs to accurately outline the project’s scope.
  2. 02
    Solution Design
    We define the overall application architecture by selecting the appropriate framework and programming languages and defining the app’s overall structure. Our skilled design team creates UI and UX wireframes and mockups based on your project goals.
  3. 03
    Software development
    We kick off the development phase and implement the planned features and functionalities into actual code. Adhering to coding standards and utilizing design patterns where they make sense, we ensure our code is of good quality, clean, and maintainable.
  4. 04
    We couple development with ongoing quality assurance to ensure optimal software performance and behavior. We perform a variety of tests, such as unit, integration, and system testing, to verify that the application operates as expected and is free from bugs.
  5. 05
    We deploy the application to a production environment, such as a web server or a cloud-based platform, like Azure. Our developers distribute applications, modules, updates, and patches to your users.

  6. 06
    Once your project is delivered, we offer maintenance and technical support services based on your chosen SLA (9-17 or 24/7). Our team is ready to implement upgrades, enhance functionalities, and monitor your app’s performance. We aim to preserve the value of your software over time.

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Why Choose us as a Software Development Partner?


Years in Business

We’ve spent over two decades in the software industry, ensuring reliable and trusted services.


Years of Cooperation

with our longest-standing client. Our client relationships often last for years, a testament to our dedication and service quality.


Clients Worldwide

Our global footprint is extensive and we proudly serve clients across multiple continents.


Commitment to Every Project

We’re fully committed to each and every project, big or small, aiming to deliver tailored solutions using a modern tech stack.


Projects Delivered Successfully

Spanning diverse industries and technologies, our successful projects highlight our versatility, technological prowess, and customer-centric approach.

What clients talk about us:
“Right Information follows an efficient workflow, communicating and resolving issues quickly. They delivered faster than expected.”
US flag
Josh Evans, Engineering Manager Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.
“This project for us is value-adding and cost-reducing in many ways. We did a lot of double work before, and getting rid of that will directly impact our profitability. ”
Finland Flag
Product Manager Heating & Cooling System Manufacturer
“Right Information remained flexible throughout the process, collecting and incorporating feedback from multiple stakeholders. Their creative problem-solving abilities made them stand out.”
England flag
Director Cultural Heritage Publisher
“From day one, it was a great pleasure to work with Right Information. We achieved exactly what we set out to achieve, and we did it on time and within budget.”
Poland flag
Bartosz Popiel, Marketing Coordinator Mazda Motor Poland

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What can I expect from software consulting services?
      Right Information’s experienced consultants analyze business needs, provide strategic guidance, and formulate customized software solutions aligned with goals, industry best practices, and emerging technologies, empowering you to make informed decisions.
    2. How does Right Information ensure successful project delivery?
      We ensure successful project delivery by following a meticulous development process, leveraging our skilled team, adhering to coding standards, and conducting thorough testing at every stage to deliver high-quality software solutions.
    3. Can you handle large-scale software development projects?
      Absolutely! We have the capability and experience to handle large-scale software development projects, providing flexible cooperation models and ensuring full control, quick implementation of changes, and efficient workflow.
    4. Can you integrate third-party APIs into software solutions?
      Sure! We provide extensive experience in integrating third-party APIs, enabling seamless connectivity and integration of external services and data into software applications.

    5. Do you provide data migration services as well?
      Yes, we also provide data migration and conversion services, enabling seamless transfer of data from legacy systems, data cleansing, and format conversion to ensure data integrity in the new software solution.
    6. What is a customized software solution?
      A customized software solution refers to a software application or system that is specially designed and built to meet the unique needs of a business. Unlike generic, off-the-shelf software, custom software development services focus on creating software solutions that align precisely with your strategic goals and operational requirements.
    7. What is an example of customized software?
      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) are examples of customized software for manufacturers. Tailored solutions help to manage various facets, such as inventory tracking, production scheduling, and quality control, to seamlessly align with the manufacturer’s unique requirements.
    8. What services do custom software development companies provide?
      Using custom software development as a service offers a range of tasks, from initial concept and planning to deployment and maintenance. As a top custom web application development company, we specialize in developing custom software designed to solve your unique challenges.
    9. What is the average cost of custom software development?
      The cost of custom software development can vary widely depending on the project’s scope, complexity, and the technologies involved. In return, investment in custom application development services often yields a higher ROI by precisely addressing specific business demands, outperforming generic alternatives.
    10. Why do businesses use customized software?
      Custom software development solutions offer greater flexibility, scalability, and a perfect fit for specific business processes. For example, a financial institution may require a custom security protocol that’s not available in off-the-shelf products. By investing in bespoke software development services, companies can achieve higher efficiency, improve customer experience, and gain a competitive edge in their niche.