Software scaling for growth-oriented businesses 

Any MVP or Pilot project requires handling more requests and advancing its performance over time. If the application does not have the ability to scale, then a sudden influx of traffic can trigger the downtime of the system. At a certain point, there is a need to expand resources and growth.

What is the software scalability? 

Software Scalability means the ability of an application or system to increase its capacities by expanding the number of functional blocks that perform specific tasks.

The software scalability process is formed on the basis of the algorithms, architectural solution, technology stack, and environment which are currently used. However, there is no standard solution that covers the scaling process – each system requires its own approach.  

There are several reasons to think about software scaling : 

Not well-designed software architecture 

Increasing traffic on the application 

More and more data generated and bad performance

Current software can not be integrated with any other environment

Server limitation

Legacy technologies

Any other bottleneck that prevents the high performance of the system

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