Maintain your software on the highest level with technical support.

After completing a project we propose technical support and maintenance services to secure continuity of operations and further development of the software. In order to keep the highest performance and the best user experience we provide services based on SLA. 

Technical support and maintenance 

After we deliver the project there are two options to choose from. Either you decide the project is finished and you don’t need any additional assistance or you can decide to continue and chose technical support and maintenance service. The main purpose of technical support is to secure the software operations and availability as well as continue the development in DevOps model. With the agreed response time within available pool of hours and the time slots (e.g. 9-17 or 7/24; 8760) the support will be provided due to requested changes, issues or questions. 

Project Delivery 

In case the project is completed and there is no need for additional technical support or maintenance that might extends the cooperation, we consider the project as closed one. Project-based or ad-hoc engagement model doesn’t provide continuous support, and whenever any additional feature, change or bug fix is required we estimate the work, provide information about team availability and start the work after agreement 

Bug fixing 

Diagnostic and estimation 

Software updated 


Hosting environment technical support  

New functionalities development

Change and requirements management

Time reporting

Flexible maintenance models 9-17, 24/7 (8760)

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“Project management was effective and took place mainly through regular Skype/phone calls and a custom online PM software platform, as well as GitHub. The vendor’s representatives were continually available for additional queries and follow-up meetings, and were responsive to changed requirements.”

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