UX and UI design for outstanding web and mobile solutions

Solve the problems and introduce extremely efficient and user-friendly interfaces within your web and mobile applications. 

UX Design (User Experience) 

Provides a comprehensive approach to the interaction of user with the interface of the web site, mobile app or desktop program. Includes various components like information architecture, interaction design, graphic design and content strategy. 

UI Design (User Interface) 

Implementing the usability and graphical part into the software with basic UI kit, buttons, menus, sliders, photos, fonts, animation, illustrations, etc. Clear and intuitive elements enables to the user to improve the experience with complex systems. 

Put the human at the first place in your software with our UX services.  

Thanks to the business and user experience and engineering skills, we understand and address simple solutions for complex issues. We take care about the issues and take off from your shoulders important questions to answer, to let you focus on your business goals. 

Design for web and mobile applications 

Re-design of existing projects 

User research, analysis and evaluation 

Customer journey mapping 

Ideation and discovery sessions and workshops (remote and on-site) 

UX design with wireframes and mock-ups  

Final graphical design and UI design

User testing 

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Project management was effective and took place mainly through regular Skype/phone calls and a custom online PM software platform, as well as GitHub. The vendor’s representatives were continually available for additional queries and follow-up meetings, and were responsive to changed requirements.

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