B2B portal development

A great advantage for customer self-service

B2B buyers need an intuitive way to find the right product, request for quotation, place an order, and monitor the status. Customer Portal is a perfect solution not only for interactive collaboration but to cover the complete sales process 24/7/365.

What is B2B portal? 


B2B customer portal is a software solution for online collaboration with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and other counterparties. B2B portal provides personalized access to the information and ensures effective interaction with the company, regardless of the location, time difference, device, and type of action.  

B2B portal development by Right Information

Optimized workflow

Customer Portal enables automate most of the routine and repetitive work with B2B customers.

Optimization also involves automatically generated documents including invoices, reports, lists of products, etc. No one depends on your work schedule and products can be purchased any time without delays. 

Transparent collaboration 

B2B selling process it’s not only about transactions but also about partnership and cooperation. 

A B2B customer portal provides instant access to all required information so the customer will no longer need to contact a personal manager to find out the latest information during the transaction.  

Business and technology

Our strong technology background and business verticals knowledge let us provide flexible and functional solutions that align with specific business requirements.

As a result, the company receives an effective business instrument that increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Benefit from lots of features and functions of B2B customer portal

Selection and Calculation Software by Right Information

Project and sales process

Creating and assigning projects to the responsible salespeople, coordinating stages, monitoring the statuses and collaboration.  

Selection and Calculation Software by Right Information

Price management

System makes your sales team focus on sales performance, speed up the sales cycle and minimize repetitive tasks. 

Selection and Calculation Software by Right Information

Spare parts finder

llow the user to find the spare parts or accessories for the products, and order them on-line when needed.  

Selection and Calculation Software by Right Information

Internal and external roles

Involves the implementation of several roles on the system: customer, supplier, order operator, administrator, sales agent, moderator, system administrator.  

Selection and Calculation Software by Right Information

Barcode scanning

Allows users to look up for products using a barcode scanner and easily place an order (can be implemented also within the spare parts or components).  

Selection and Calculation Software by Right Information

Analytic tools

Periodic reports automation with key indicators sent by mail or provided on the dashboard in a personal account in real-time. 

The traditional purchasing process can be a time-consuming operation especially for B2B customers – email exchange, not up-to-date information, not transparent process. Finding the right product in the catalog, then asking questions about the product and price, takes hours or sometimes days of work. B2B portal helps to automate the processes of creating list of products, exchange and share necessary information, and make purchasing easy. 


We provide a flexible approach to implementation which means that software can be designed and fully customized for your specific industry and needs. 

More B2B portal capabilities: 

  • Intuitive navigation through the thousands of products 

  • Customer self-service enablement 

  • Instant access to the help documentation and knowledge base 

  • Lower customer support costs 

  • Integration with various systems 

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