Configuration software vendor for complex products, systems and services

Let your buyers build configurations of products or services more easily, based on predefined parameters, rules, constraints, and digital models. 

Customer assistance and guidance 

Product configuration software assists customers to specify requirements in a structured way. Based on pre-defined rules and constraints presents which configurations are possible and which are not. Create a user-friendly environment for all internal and external users and help them start working immediately.   

Dynamically generated quotations 

The software automatically delivers accurate quotes based on configuration results and chosen options or available components. Even a complex process can be simplified to increase efficiency of sales and engineering sales teams. 

Performance and product behavior calculations 

In case the product and its components require the additional calculation of mathematical or physical behavior, the software can include libraries or build-in models and based on the number of parameters provided by the user, check the performance or calculate characteristics.  

Benefit from lots of features and functions of the configuration software

Customer engagement

Software provides an interactive way to create the right product and increases conversion rate by delivering personalized experience.

Process simplification

On-line configurator simplifies the onboarding of new customers or internal sales engineers with advanced guidance.   

Dynamic pricing

The price is dynamically calculated based on several factors including the chosen components, additional accessories, services, etc 

Printout results

 The system dynamically generates multilingual information in PDF including calculation results and more.

Instant access

Dynamic content is presented on-line instead of tons of printed materials.  

eCommerce scalability

Establish a foundation for a self-service approach and further scalability. 

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