ConfigurePrice and Quote (CPQ) software for complex products and services

Get rid of spreadsheet-based pricing, easily configure, price products and deliver quotes just in few clicks. CPQ software enables sales operations to automate and optimize the process of selecting or configuring the right product or service, up to manage pricing policies and creating quotes for B2C and B2B clients.

Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) software by Right Information

What is CPQ? 

(C) Configure/Select

Based on requirements find or configure the right product or service and get comprehensive information with possible extensions.

(P) Price

Calculate price based on configured or selected product/service with its extensions and accessories depending on the market.

(Q) Quote

Create and provide a high-quality quote with all customer info. Make changes and process the quote in the ordering process.

Benefit from lots of features of the CPQ software: 

Configure, Price and Quote software by Right Information

Increased sales

Quick delivery of high-quality quotations, can dramatically increase the probability of closing the deal fast. Effective process results with a higher close rate from the beginning.

Configure, Price and Quote software by Right Information

Knowledge transfer

When the product or service, process, and pricing policies are complex, CPQ platform guides sales representatives and end-customer with effective support on every step of the process.

Configure, Price and Quote software by Right Information

Upselling and cross-selling

Based on rules or constrains, customers, can not only choose options of the base of the product or service but can be also driven to choose add-ons and create more revenue.

product configuration software by Right Information

Guided selling

Intuitive process of addressing customers’ needs, helping them in choosing and buying the right products.

Configure, Price and Quote software by Right Information

Automated process

Reduce back-office operational cost, human errors and focus on more demanding clients.

Configure, Price and Quote software by Right Information

Sales efficiency

System makes your sales team focus on sales performance, speed up the sales cycle, and minimize repetitive tasks.

To sell online more advanced products, sets or systems you need to have a custom software solution, where the engineering knowledge can be transferred and users can be guided through the whole sales process.

The typical outcome from this process is comprehensive product cards, technical data sheets (TDS), or quotations that contains not only basic information like an item number, SKU, EAN, description, images, drawings, technical parameters, or attributes, but the whole information about the product, and in many cases, calculations results or Bill of Materials (BOM) for production purposes.

We have a flexible approach to implementation which means that software can be designed and fully customized for your specific industry and needs.

More CPQ capabilities: 

  • Automated quoting 

  • Self-service enablement 

  • Support for many marketslanguages and commerce channels. 

  • Dynamic document generation in any format and language 

  • Reduced back-office operations costs 

  • Automatically updated data from PIM/PDM, CRM and ERP systems 


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