Bring your data management and sales to another level with Right Information Digital Suite.

All platforms fully customized for you, not in the other way

Right Information Digital Suite is a modular and layered software environment for building advanced and effective web-based applications.


B2X Commerce

Digital commerce solution (eCommerce) for the global on-line presence. Build for every size of the organization and type of the business (B2B, B2C, B2P). Platform handle simple and complex products for extremely effective pre-sales, sales and after-sales activities.


Selection and Configuration

Complex products require an advanced approach in sales. To find the right product that meets customer’s requirements we can both select or configure products. Digital Suite handles calculation-related product selection processes as well as rules- and constraint-based configuration.


Data Management

Complete management environment for products information, content and rules, measurements or any other type of the data. The platform is also a management part for the whole Digital Suite with technical parameters and units, system, users, taxonomies and  translations management.


Order Management

Whether this is a B2C, B2B or B2P sales, in the Order Management platform you can transform and process any type of request, whether this is a RFQ, quotation or sales order. Complex organizations can also manage markets and distributor/partner networks.



Internal platform with fully customized information flow for any internal and external processes. Customized business objects, advanced filters and reports, and number of useful features improve collaboration in regional and worldwide organizations.


Smart Connectivity

Ideal for Internet of Things (IoT), the platform connects devices and machines with systems and allows for complex data analysis using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver high-quality information, reports and notifications for its users. The best solution to introduce subscription-based business model for manufacturing companies.

Just one life-time license for every component

The cost covers the software license and basic implementation model for standard solution. During scoping phase all custom requirements can be gathered for custom development phase and during implementation delivered as the complete solution.

Additional services before, during and after implementation

From scoping and design workshops where on-site we gather information about your requirements to trainings, custom software development and technical support, we provide broad range complementary services for your success.

All technologies for integrity with 3rd party systems

The layered architecture allows for necessary data integration based on APIs, EDI, webservices (or any other available) of the platform and 3rd parties software systems and databases. Integrations with ERP/CRM solution such as SAP, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central are available.

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