Selection and sizing software vendor 

Improve and speed up the sales performance with efficient selection and sizing software.  Provide quick and intuitive tools for your products. Make all required calculations and complex selection of various product alternatives and accessories in a matter of seconds. 

Let the software browse all products 

Self-service approach engages your customers more and meets more easily their individual requirements. The technology can help to make the correct choice faster and prevent time-consuming product browsing. An intuitive and understandable way to find your product will dramatically increase chances for the final purchase. 

Involve advanced calculations  

Avoid mistakes and make the selection process more advanced by setting-up an operating and efficiency conditions just in a few clicks. The mathematical and physical modules behind the selection software allow to make the complex calculations of the product’s performance and behaviors based on the number of parameters provided by the user. 

Transfer the engineering and business knowledge to the software 

All the advantages of having sales engineers on board become an important limitation when it comes to scaling the sales team. To decrease the entry barrier and time to onboard new salespeople or clients, the software can be enhanced by science and business knowledge. Creating powerful sales machines can not only reduce those limitations but also improve existing processes efficiency. 

Benefit from lots of features and functions of the configuration software

Quick product selection

The product can be dynamically selected using various complex criteria.  

Printout results

The system dynamically generates multilingual information in PDF including calculation results and more.  

Product comparison

Product comparison based on complex data sheets and performance calculation results. 

Sales efficiency

System makes your sales team focus on sales performance, speed up the sales cycle and minimize repetitive tasks. 

Dynamic calculation

All required calculations (efficiency or performance) can be provided dynamically using mathematical algorithm

Systems Integrations

Automatically update data from PIM/MDM (Product Information Management or Master Data Management) system and send quotations or orders to CRM or ERP systems. 

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